With Black Friday around the corner, shop owners all across the country are getting ready for the sudden influx of eager shoppers looking to get their Christmas shopping done.

Customers can get very feisty during Black Friday, since everyone is looking to get their hands on the best deals as soon as possible, and this could lead to a few safety hazards—some of them involving glass surfaces.

In the days leading up to Black Friday, your store will likely be stocked with lots of merchandise and this could make it a target for opportunistic thieves and other intruders.

Fortunately, tinted security window film, also called security window film for short, is a very cost-effective and easy solution to make your shop safe and secure for your customers. Here are five reasons you should install tinted security window film in your shop before Black Friday.

1. Prevents break-ins

Special days like Black Friday or similar seasonal days may attract intruders and thieves to shops and retail stores.

While some may invest in installing bars to prevent break-ins, there’s a more viable and affordable solution that not only prevents window break-ins but is also more appealing—tinted security window film.

Retail stores or shops generally have a specific aesthetic and style preference that they work tirelessly to match with the overall personality of their business and the products or services they offer. Security window film is non-intrusive, so it won’t clash with the store’s aesthetics.

Thieves and intruders also typically aim to break in and make their getaways as quickly as possible without waiting to attract attention. Security window film helps to make your shop’s windows more difficult to penetrate and also slows any burglars during a burglary.

2. Reduces accidents

Although accidents during Black Friday are relatively low, they are still a very possible occurrence with many shoppers trying to navigate themselves through intense crowds in search of deals.

With stores getting extremely crowded during Black Friday, security window film can help reinforce your store’s glass surfaces to help prevent injuries caused by broken glass that could result from people pressing against glass surfaces.

It’s also a common occurrence for children to run around in stores—security window film can prevent children from making contact with glass and suffering injuries as the glass windows can be seen without any potential accidents.

3. Protects windows and glass doors

Aside from the security and safety of the shoppers, it’s also important to consider the monetary impact that accidents can have on your store.

Replacing windows and glass can be a costly and time-consuming activity leaving you to potentially close your store until the repairs are completed.

During Black Friday sales, shoppers usually rush into the stores as soon as they open, and this could result in people inadvertently damaging glass surfaces in your shop.

With security window film, your windows aren’t easily cracked or shattered and can withstand more pressure.

4. Increases privacy

One of the biggest security risks is for outsiders or intruders to see the inside of your store, especially if privacy is a significant factor in your business—shoppers must feel comfortable knowing there aren’t people outside peering in and your proprietary information must be protected.

On Black Friday, several people make their way into your store, and sometimes, you may not even notice that there are viable security threats around you waiting to obtain your proprietary information.

The tinted nature of the security window film will help boost privacy levels for your customers, employees, and business as a whole.

5. Safeguards interiors

UV rays can not only cause damage to your health but they can also damage the interior of your building. Whether customers are visiting your store on a regular day or a day like Black Friday, it’s important to keep appearances up and maintain a professional impression.

Such UV rays, however, can cause your furniture, flooring, and other surfaces to fade and make them look inconsistent or discolored. Some materials can even deteriorate with UV rays.

Depending on your business, you can also have sensitive materials or equipment that can be more vulnerable to UV damage, but tinted window security film can help protect your furniture and other items from getting damaged and save you money.

Tinted Security Window Film

Secure your shop with tinted security window film

Black Friday is a big day for many shop owners, but it’s also a very hectic day. Apart from the rush of customers, you need to think about the safety of your customers and employees too.

With a simple safety measure like security window film, however, you can prepare your shop for the Black Friday rush. Speak to a good window film installer in your area today to get your home prepped with window film solutions.

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