Will solar control window film reduce the heat in my office and home?

The heat-blocking technology of solar films reflect the ultraviolet and infrared rays from sunlight and significantly reduces the heat transmitted into to your office or home. No matter the season, solar control films help stabilize room temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Can solar film reduce glare on my television and other electronic devices?

The anti-glare properties of solar control window film help distribute sun rays evenly. This allows sunlight to illuminate your office or home while controlling the glare on TVs, computers and mobile devices.

Will solar film help protect my employees or family from harsh sunlight?

Solar window film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which helps protect your employees and family from skin or eye damage.

Is solar window film more effective than blinds and curtains?

Unlike blinds and curtains, solar window film reflects heat, glare, and harmful UV rays while still letting natural sunlight in. Curtains and blinds add privacy but often lack in solar heat gain protection. Solar films are also a more budget-friendly option than curtains and blinds.

Which areas of my home or office would benefit the most from solar window film?

Solar window film is typically installed in rooms with high-exposure to sunlight such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.  These are the rooms that can become uncomfortable with unfiltered solar heat entering through windows. And it’s where your furniture and artwork are exposed to damaging sun rays.

How long does solar film last before it needs replaced?

Variables impacting the longevity of solar control film include climate, glass type, and film type. In moderate climates, solar films have been known to last for more than 12 years. Extreme heat, harsh weather conditions, and the quality of the installation usually reduce the lifespan of the film.

Can solar film protect my furniture and artwork?

Because the UV rays are blocked by the solar control window film, furniture and artwork will not fade as they would if your windows remained clear.

Can decorative film provide an extra level of privacy in my office space?

If you have a plain glass office or conference room, decorative film can provide you with a level of privacy while still allowing light inside

Will decorative film reduce the glare on my televisions and computers within my office space or home?

Decorative films can significantly reduce the amount of glare in your office space or home. They will filter out harsh light, keeping your computer and TV screen free from light-induced reflections.

Does decorative window film provide more privacy than blinds and curtains in my home?

While blinds and curtains help block views from outsiders, decorative films are equally efficient when it comes to offering privacy in your home. In addition, blinds and curtains require routine cleaning and maintenance. Decorative films, on the other hand, are easy to maintain and clean.

Can you install decorative film in bathrooms?

Decorative films are a great addition to any bathroom. In particular, they can add design flair to ordinary glass shower doors as well as adding a privacy element.

Which areas of my office space would decorative window film benefit the most?

Glass offices, conference rooms and work stations all can benefit from the installation of decorative or privacy films. They will elevate your office appearance, provide a measure of privacy and diffuse harsh light.

Can decorative film be applied to office doors?

Yes, decorative films can be applied to glass office doors the same way they are installed on glass walls.

Why should I choose decorative window film for my home?

Decorative window film can enhance the aesthetics and privacy of any space within your home. They can completely shield or partially obscure views while allowing nature light to filter through. If you’re looking for something stylish for your bathrooms or other rooms but etched or textured glass is too costly, decorative windows are equally effective and a fraction of the cost.

How long does decorative window film typically last?

High-quality decorative window films can last up to 15 years if properly maintained. The benefits of these films and reasonable pricing make them a worthwhile and cost-effective investment.

What is security window film?

Security window film is a durable polyester film that is applied to the interior of glass windows. Safety and security film is shatter-resistant, protecting your family from flying glass shards during foul weather and other catastrophic events. It also keeps unwanted intruders from entering your home through windows.

Why do business owners use safety and security window film?

Security window film gives building owners peace of mind because the film keeps their windows from shattering during any catastrophic event, keeping building occupants safe.

Is security film installed on the inside or outside of my office windows?

Most security films are installed on the inside of your windows. Certain, unusual building shapes and areas like atriums require installing safety and security film on the outside of the windows. Anti-graffiti film also is installed on the outside glass.

Which areas of my office would benefit the most from security window film?

Any area of your building where people work near windows should to have security window film installed. If you are interested in security window film with a solar control component, then you’ll want to protect the same areas as people can get uncomfortable working next to windows that do not filer out UV rays.

Why do you homeowners use safety window film in their homes?

Safety and security window films significantly strengthen glass windows and helps prevent injuries from shattered glass, break-ins, vandalism, and prevents damage from natural disasters, and incoming projectiles, such as baseballs and golf balls.

Which areas of my home would security film benefit the most?

Security film helps protect the vulnerable areas of your home, such as first floor windows for theft, and all windows for catastrophic weather and other unexpected events.

What are additional benefits of safety and security window film?

Some safety and security window films have a solar control component that have the added benefit of keeping your home more comfortable on hot, sunny days and reducing your utility bills.

How do you maintain security film after is has been installed?

Security window film can be cleaned using mild, ammonia-free cleansing agents and non-abrasive cleaning supplies like sponges and squeegees. Make sure to use different sponges on the inside and outside surfaces. Do not use the same sponge for the window sills, frames and the glass.

The glass in my bathroom always fogs up after I shower, even when I run my fan. Is there a specialty film that can solve my problem?

Anti-fog window film can solve your problem. We can install it on any glass surface in your home, including mirrors, where fogging is an issue.

How does anti-graffiti film work?

This film is applied to the exterior of your windows. If anyone marks up the film or scratches it, it protects your window. The vandalized graffiti film can sometimes be cleaned. If not, it can be removed, leaving your windows unaffected.

Is there a film that I can put on my interior glass, like my bathroom shower, that will give me some privacy?

Privacy film, also known as decorative films, would be an excellent way to add some privacy to your shower or any other glass area in your home. The films come in a variety of colors and stylish patterns and can also enhance your home’s décor.

Which areas of my office would most benefit from decorative window film installation?

Decorative or privacy windows films work and look best installed on glass offices and conference rooms. These films not only provide privacy for meetings and other activities but they give offices a boost in design appeal.

How do smart films work?

Smart film, also known as switchable smart film, is generally installed on glass offices and conference rooms.  With the flip of a switch the glass goes from transparent to opaque, giving you the option of clear glass or complete privacy.

How effective is bird safety window film?

Bird safety film – or anti-bird strike film – prevents up to 99% of bird strikes into commercial office building windows in bird fly through zones when properly installed. These films make glass surfaces visible to birds so they avoid crashing into your windows.

Can radio frequency shielding film really prevent cyber theft?

It’s possible for highly-sensitive information or data to be stolen from your digital screens by cyber thieves who penetrate your office windows and conference room glass. Cloaking films thwart cyber thieves with a protective shield that covers your computer and other digital screens, turning it black to outside viewers.

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