Privacy and the protection of confidential information are a few of the biggest concerns many businesses have.

Increased privacy levels can create a safe and less stressful environment for staff, and also give customers and clients privacy when they need it.

Window film has proven to be a very effective way to increase a workplace’s privacy levels, and they don’t require any major architectural changes—they only need to be applied to an office’s existing glass surfaces.

Smart privacy glass film, commonly known as switchable smart glass film, is a unique window film that can switch from being transparent to opaque at the press of a button.

Created using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC), it works using the same principle as smart glass, only in this case, switchable smart glass film can be applied to glass, without entire glass panes needing to be replaced.

Window film is an excellent addition to any workplace. Here are four clever ways you can use smart privacy glass film in your office.

1. Enhance employee and operational privacy

To improve privacy levels in your workplace, switchable smart glass film can be installed on street-facing windows, glass doors, and glass walls to increase the privacy of your operations.

Switchable smart glass film installed on front-facing glass can also be turned opaque after working hours to prevent suspicious individuals from trying to look into the building when no one is around.

In addition, this window film can be installed on glass partitions in the office to give your staff members privacy while they work. They can also be fitted onto the glass walls of office cabins of management staff to provide instant privacy when needed.

Another major benefit of switchable smart glass film is that it can improve privacy without compromising natural light for too long. Since this window film can go transparent at the flip of a switch, you can let in the sunlight whenever you want.

2. Encourage open office spaces

The open office plan is a popular workplace layout that allows employees to work in the same space.

This type of layout makes it easier for employees to communicate with each other and gives them a view of the entire office. Often, glass partitions are used to separate sections of the office while still making the workplace look wide and spacious.

One drawback of the open office plan is that it doesn’t allow much privacy when needed, but switchable smart glass film can be used to solve this problem.

Switchable smart glass film can be used to provide privacy in offices with open plan layouts only when required. For example, this window film can be turned opaque to block views into conference rooms when important meetings are taking place, and then back to transparent when the meeting ends.

3. Improve digital data security

Modern workplaces handle a lot of sensitive digital information every day—on computers, tablets, and smartphones. When so many devices have confidential information presented on them, confidential information becomes easier to steal.

Switchable smart glass film can be used to block views in spaces in the office where highly sensitive digital information is being processed.

Thanks to its ability to switch between opaque and transparent, it can temporarily block out views into virtually any place in the office where sensitive information is being processed.

4. Build an ergonomic office

Comfort is very important in any office environment. It makes your staff feel right at home and can even help boost productivity.

Smart privacy glass film can help create a more ergonomic work environment in a few ways:

Reduces the intensity of sunlight

It can be switched on to reduce the intensity of sunlight entering your office to eliminate glare and increase visual comfort.

Improves office aesthetics

It’s a better alternative to blinds and curtains as it performs a similar function, without compromising the office’s aesthetics.

Simplifies the overall design

It allows the workplace to maintain a modern minimalist design.

This window film’s unique function can also give your workplace a modern appeal that can boost your organization’s brand image.

Get smart privacy glass film for your office

Switchable smart glass film is a window film like no other. It’s a non-intrusive window film solution that’s perfect for business owners who want to improve privacy in their office while keeping its aesthetics simple.

Speak to a professional window film installer in Pittsburgh to learn the best ways to incorporate this window film into your workplace.

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