There’s no doubt that windows add light, sophistication, and distinction to any home. However, the windows in you home can be vulnerable to heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

As a concerned homeowner, you may consider the option of installing replacement windows or adding window treatments to reduce these issues, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you should consider house window tinting. Window tinting not only mitigates harmful UV rays and heat, but can also add an extra level of security and/or elegance to the interior of your home.

In this article, we highlight the different types of home window tinting available to consumers and their individual benefits:

Decorative Window Film

Are you looking for an alternative to sandblasted glass windows? Decorative window film is one of the thinnest window films accessible in the market and is utilized to enhance the aesthetics of your current residential glass. These window films also provide an extra level of privacy and elegance while minimizing the glare in your interior. For example, if there are areas in your home (e.g. office space, bathroom) that require an extra level of privacy, then you can install frosted glass film.

Solar Window Film

Are you looking for a way to minimize heat, glare, and harmful UV rays? Solar window film is a cost-efficient way to safeguard your furnishings and family while also making your property more energy efficient. Solar films can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, help lower utility bills, and eliminate those annoying glares on your televisions and mobile devices

Security Window Film

Are you looking for an affordable way to enhance the security of your windows? Security window film helps safeguard your home from burglaries and extreme weather conditions by holding the glass in place and preventing glass shards flying through the air, which could potentially cause serious injury to your family.

Specialty Window Film

Are you looking for a versatile window film that can provide you everything from cyber theft protection and privacy to protecting birds from flying into your windows? Then specialty window film is ideal for you! These home window tinting solutions comes in a wide array of colors, designs, and patterns, which are perfect, especially if you wish to integrate new design elements into your property.


So now that you have a better understanding of the different types of residential window films and their benefits, you can make a more educated decision on how to enhance your home without breaking the bank. To get in touch with a house window tinting expert in Pittsburgh, contact U.S. Film Crew today at 412-961-8468!

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