From burglary and theft to natural disasters and accidents, retailers often face an overwhelming variety of challenges to their safety and security. Thankfully, the ever-evolving industry of window film has an arsenal of solutions.


There are dozens of ways in which retailers can benefit from safety window film. This specialized technology can provide increased security, protection from damage from natural disasters or accidents, and even mitigation of UV ray exposure. 


In this article, we’ll look into some ways safety window film can help protect your store and give you confidence in your security and safety measures.


Improved Store Security

Burglary and theft can be a major concern for retailers, particularly those in high-crime areas or those with high-value products on the shelves. By making it more difficult to break through glass doors and windows, safety window film can help deter burglars and intruders. 


Even if the glass is broken, the safety window film is designed to hold windows together, maintaining a barrier between the intruder and your valuables. This increased security can provide retailers with a little extra peace of mind, knowing that their store is more secure against potential threats.

Natural Disaster Defense

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can cause devastating damage to commercial facilities. Broken glass windows and doors are only the start — the sharp debris they produce can cause even further damage. 


By holding the glass together after impact, safety window film can help protect retailers from a large portion of the damage these events can inflict. The best part is that it protects more than just your merchandise; your store will be a safer place for customers and staff alike.


Safety window film can even help reduce water damage during storms by limiting the amount of rain and runoff that can slip through your windows.

Accident Mitigation

Accidents happen — there’s just no way around the fact. However, safety window film can help mitigate the damage and reduce the risk of any injuries from broken glass. 


Whether a baseball crash lands on a storefront window or a vehicle collides with the building, safety window film can hold the glass together and keep it from shattering. When the neighborhood kids come to retrieve their ball, you can at least be sure everybody is safe.


This feature can be especially vital for stores near high-traffic areas like busy streets, parking lots, or schools.

UV Protection

Safety window film can provide a significant degree of UV protection in addition to improved security. UV radiation, which most commonly comes from sunlight, can be harmful to both organic matter and synthetic materials over time. Prolonged exposure can discolor and damage fabrics, artwork, and other materials. It can also be harmful to skin, eventually causing sunburn or even cancer. 


Safety window film can help to protect both the store’s merchandise and its employees and customers by blocking out nearly all harmful UV rays. If yours is the kind of store with lots of natural light, this feature is an absolute necessity.

Personalized Options

No two retail locations are the same. Depending on the environment, clientele, and even the specifics of the industry, safety challenges will differ from place to place. To address the specific needs of retailers, safety window film comes in a wide variety of customizable options.


Some films, for example, are tinted to provide additional privacy, while others are designed to block out more UV rays. Glass windows and doors, skylights, and even mirrored surfaces can all benefit from the use of safety window film. 

Final Thoughts: Why Safety Window Film Is a Sound Investment

From burglary to natural disasters, every retailer in the market faces unique security challenges. State-of-the-art safety window film can make all the difference. Retailers like you can sleep a little sounder at night knowing that their storefronts are in safe hands. 


U.S. Film Crew is Pittsburgh’s leading provider of commercial-grade window film and your go-to expert for the safety and security of your windows. If you’re ready to invest in the continued safety of your business, get in touch today. (Your windows will be none the wiser.)


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