Switchable glass film, also known as switchable smart glass film, is a type of window film that looks like something straight out of science fiction.

This unique window film can shift from opaque to transparent at the flip of a switch!

This window film contains Polymer Displaced Liquid Crystals which are scattered in random orientations, preventing light from passing through. When an electric current passes through them, they rearrange themselves, letting light pass and making the film transparent.

While glass with these features exists, switchable smart glass film is a more cost-effective option as you can simply install them on your home’s glass surfaces, without replacing an entire pane of glass.

Switchable glass film might seem like the type of window film a workplace would benefit from, but there are a few clever ways you can use this window film solution for your household as well.

An Alternative to Blinds and Curtains

Curtains and blinds are the go-to solution for privacy and to keep the sun out for many homes. Most of the time, however, blinds and curtains can be very gaudy-looking additions to a home and may clash with other decors.

What’s more, is that curtains and blinds accumulate dust and grime, meaning that you’ll need to give them a good scrub once in a while.

In comparison, switchable smart glass film won’t affect your home’s aesthetics and can be used the same way as a curtain or blind. When the film is turned transparent, it won’t even be noticeable.

Also, it’s more convenient to turn your windows opaque by simply pressing a switch rather than having to walk up to the window to draw a blind or close a curtain.

Display Cabinets

If you love having your collections displayed, installing switchable smart glass film on the cabinet glass could provide you with a bit of security.

When you don’t want the contents of your display cabinet to be seen, you can turn the glass opaque and block out views. This is a good way to hide your valuable collectibles from thieves during a break-in.


Skylights are great to enjoy beautiful views of the night sky and let in healthy, natural sunlight during the day. One major drawback of skylights is that they can be difficult to close, and installing blinds on them could make them look awkward.

While skylights don’t usually need blinds, you’ll still want to block out sunlight during exceptionally sunny days. This can easily be done by turning the skylight opaque with switchable glass film using a remote control.

Room Dividers

Nowadays, many modern homes feature glass walls and partitions to make interiors look bigger and more spacious. If your home has a similar design, you can block out views into a certain part of your home by installing switchable smart glass film.

For instance, if you have a recreational room with glass partitions, you can turn the glass opaque when you want some alone time to relax.

Additionally, this could also serve as a security measure to block out views into certain areas of your home that may be visible to the outside.

Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets are a common feature in modern households. In some homes, these closets have glass doors installed.

If you have a walk-in closet and you plan to install a glass door, you might want to consider switchable smart glass film on it. This way, you can simply turn the glass transparent when you just want a quick glimpse of what’s inside and then turn it opaque to keep the contents of the closet private again.

Is switchable glass film right for your home?

Deciding if this type of window film is right for your home can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you’re not very familiar with window film.

By speaking to a well-reputed window film installation company, you can find out the best ways to use this window film in your household and give your home a high-tech upgrade.

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