When deciding on how to upgrade a home’s interiors, many homeowners overlook windows and other glass surfaces.

Windows and glass doors are major focal points in many homes and giving them an aesthetic upgrade can not only give your home a new look but can potentially add more value to it, especially if you’re looking to put your home on the market.

A great way to transform glass surfaces in your home is using window film—3M decorative glass film, to be more specific. These window film solutions are produced by the industry-leading window film manufacturer, 3M, and they promise exceptional quality and a wide selection of patterns to choose from.

At first, you may think that decorative window film only adds a decorative flair to your windows, but they’re capable of so much more. Here are 5 reasons you should use this window film for your home.

1. It increases privacy

Homes are sanctuaries where we get to relax and unwind. 3M decorative glass film is a great way to add more privacy to your home.

It can be worrisome having large front-facing windows as they may allow people to see into your home. Fortunately, 3M’s decorative window film features various patterns that not only look good but can also obstruct the view of prying eyes into your home.

They don’t, however, completely block out the natural sunlight as curtains and blinds do; they offer great aesthetics and privacy while still allowing a healthy amount of natural light into your home!

2. It improves aesthetics

Improving aesthetics is the main selling point of decorative window film but 3M’s range of decorative film offers some of the most unique patterns and designs on the market.

Whether you want to match the existing aesthetic of your home or are opting to revamp your home’s look—in case you’re looking to sell, decorative glass film can help with this.

From patterned to printed designs, 3M’s range of decorative window film gives you access to a large variety of aesthetic choices—they’re the perfect blend of form and function.

3. It enhances safety

One of the more underrated features of 3M decorative glass film is its ability to help improve your home’s security.

This window film can help add an extra layer of protection to your home’s glass surfaces, making them harder for intruders to break.

3M decorative glass film also helps keep glass shards in one place, reducing the possibility of injuries.

4. It decreases fading

UV rays from sunlight aren’t just harmful to your skin—they can also affect your furniture and floorings. These rays can cause furniture and flooring to start fading after being exposed to sunlight for a long time.

This fading is irreversible and when it becomes too noticeable, you may need to invest in new furniture. Furniture with sun damage will be less valuable, making it hard to sell them.

Decorative window film by 3M is capable of blocking out up to 99% of UV rays, drastically reducing fading on your furniture and saving you money if you were to replace them.

5. It enables easy installation

Compared to most aesthetic upgrades, installing decorative window film is a lot faster and won’t require any kind of preconstruction. It simply needs to be applied to your home’s glass surfaces, given that they are not etched or frosted glass.

This window film is also very easy to remove—it can be done without causing any damage to the glass. This will even allow you to switch up decorative window film designs whenever you feel like it.

While this window film is easy to install, you should have a certified 3M window film installer handle the job for you. They will make sure your window film is installed perfectly so that you can get the best out of it.

Speak to the pros about 3M decorative glass film

3M’s range of window film solutions is some of the best in the market. They offer some of the finest and most eye-catching decorative window film around and they promise a perfect installation every time.

If you’re looking for 3M decorative window film solutions, get in touch with a professional 3M window film dealer in your area today.

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