U.S. Film Crew has always had a presence in western Pennsylvania but only recently updated its company headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

While completing a high security project in a Pittsburgh area research facility, one of the special project managers for a nationally known construction company noticed their work. “I started talking to Glenn and his crew while they were finishing a separate job in our building. They looked very organized so I presented them my dilemma.”

The “dilemma” was an area of the building between glass, insulation and a Corin glazed shell-wall. The building was designed for specialty companies and the first floor required high security measures; thus the space was not subjected to outside light coming in or going out. With a few measurements it was determined the confined space was generating almost 200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Enough to start breaking glass and melting the insulation. When the construction company stated they were considering replacing the glass, an informed conversation about film began. U.S. Film Crew president Glenn Yocca suggested a specific type of window film which could reduce the temperature. Glenn and his company have installed solar guard film in some of the hottest sections of the country and security film in some of the most protected areas of the world. “After evaluating this situation, I knew there was film that could reduce the temperature, increase the security and save everyone money,” he said.

The construction company, whom has roots all over the country including Pittsburgh, had their doubts but to their credit did due diligence in testing the sample U.S. Film Crew installed. After several tests and data analysis for their return on investment, they approved the project. “After I ran a cost study on the project, I realized that we were going to save at least $30,000 by not having to replace those windows,” insisted the construction company’s project manager. In addition, it was determined the window film had reduced the temperature of the area between glass and wall by 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

U.S. Film Crew started the job and immediately the construction company’s manager was pleased. “They were one of the most responsive contractors I had ever dealt with. We had to make some unforeseeable changes and they immediately came back with new costs and revised deadlines. I like that kind of flexibility.” U.S. Film Crew completed the job efficiently and at the highest quality. The project manager emphasized, “They kicked [butt] and were great to work with.”

When asked, what were the benefits of using U.S. Film Crew and window film, this nationally know construction company and their local project manager simply stated, “It was an informative, educational, great return on our investment. We hope to team up with U.S. Film Crew in the future.”

For more information, please contact U.S. Film Crew President: Glenn Yocca, [email protected].

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