If you got here by searching for “glass film installers near me,” you’re probably already aware of the vulnerabilities your windows present for your business. Still, unless you’re operating out of a bank vault, getting rid of them is hardly an option. Fortunately, these modern problems also come with modern solutions.


Glass film, better known as “window film,” can do wonders for both your security and energy efficiency. To meet your goals with window film, the best solutions happen when you combine a top-quality product with top-tier installation services. The first step is to find a window film installer near you. All you need is to find the best glass film installers near you. 

Solar Control Capabilities of Window Film

Window films offer a diverse solution that goes far beyond basic visual appeal. Most varieties of film provide some level of solar control, which can help to protect your facilities and your wallet. Solar control films work as a sunshield, limiting the amount of heat that enters your space. This can reduce the strain on your AC unit while creating a more comfortable environment.


Imagine a workspace that stays cool and inviting even on the brightest days, all while saving you money and filtering out glare the moment it hits the glass. Film installers can achieve this with a quick and precise application.

Superior Security for Every Window

Beyond the energy-based advantages, window films also play a key role in improving security. Security window films, when professionally installed, can strengthen your windows and make them more resistant to forced entry. In the event of an impact, whether manmade or natural, these films hold the glass together, preventing shattering and the dangers that come with it. 


Picture the peace of mind that comes from knowing your windows, your staff, and your customers are all protected. It’s all possible with a single installation.

Qualities of Great Window Film Installers

One of the first things you need to know when searching for a window film installer near you is that they are not all created equal. If you’re going to invest in window film for your building, you should have a team of seasoned professionals take care of the job. 


Qualified window film installers should provide proof of their abilities in the following key areas:

  • Knowledge: A deep understanding of different film types, their properties, and installation best practices for various surfaces and conditions.
  • Attention to Detail: Installers  should excel at cutting, trimming, and adhering the film without bubbles, wrinkles, or gaps.
  • Resourcefulness: Every job site is different, and a professional window film installation team should be able to easily adapt their approach to meet optimal solutions.
  • Clear Communication: Your window film installers should clearly explain the installation process, any unique details that are particular to your property,  and aftercare instructions.
  • Respect: Your window film installers should leave your property clean and tidy after the job is completed.

Professional Installation: The U.S. Film Crew Advantage

While the potential advantages of glass film are countless, their success hinges on a skillful installation. U.S. Film Crew brings years of experience and a commitment to excellence to each installation project. Our professional glass film installers ensure that the film is applied cleanly and precisely for maximum effectiveness.

Where Can I Find Glass Film Installers Near Me?

At last, we’re back to your original question. While the answer may differ from place to place, we’ve got good news for those searching in and around the great state of Pennsylvania — you’ve already found them.


Here at U.S. Film Crew, we’ve got a solution for every pane. Our vast experience, expansive catalog, and knack for superior service have made us Pittsburgh’s favorite glass film installer. Whether you’re searching for solar control films, security films, or anything in between, our team can fortify your windows quickly and effectively.


Ready to maximize the potential of your windows? Get in touch with Pittsburgh’s leading film installers for exceptional service and transformative window solutions.

Protect your windows from all angles. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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