Technology companies are responsible for creating all kinds of innovations that change the way we do things.

This makes tech companies vulnerable to security risks from intruders who want to steal their tech or their ideas.

While they’re technologically advanced, even tech companies need to find cost-effective ways to protect themselves.

One easy way to add security to your tech company is to install security window film, also called security film. This window film is easy to install and it isn’t intrusive, meaning that it won’t affect your company’s operations or aesthetics.

Here are some benefits of installing security window film in your tech company.

Protects your IPs

In the tech industry, intellectual property (IP) is perhaps the most crucial part of your core operations.

If your office has glass walls and doors, there’s very little to protect your sensitive information from being stolen. Glass can easily be broken by thieves with tools like hammers and ice picks.

One of the most important benefits of security film is that it can help protect your tech business against people who try to steal your confidential information and those who try to vandalize your business.

Security film reinforces glass surfaces in your office, making it difficult for intruders to break into your office and steal vital information and tech.

Identify the spaces in your building that are at high risk of exposure or corporate espionage. Once this is done, you can get security film for the most urgent spaces and protect your data.

Installing security film can not only help you protect your privacy but can also be the difference between protecting your vital information and exposing it to the world.

Blocks IF/RF signals

Aside from preventing any acts of espionage from external threats, security film can also insulate your building and prevent radio frequency signals from leaving your office or your building.

As a tech company, a lot of work that’s being carried out may require Wi-Fi connections and other high-end infrastructures. Having a great Wi-Fi connection is important to a tech company since it’s one of the important aspects that power your business.

Your Wi-Fi signals perform much more efficiently when the signals are contained in your office or building. So installing security film can help you localize your Wi-Fi signals within your office.

The window film may also help prevent your Wi-Fi signals from leaking outside, where unauthorized people can access it—preventing potential data breaches.

Protects from storms

Storms can cause millions of dollars of damage to businesses and they can potentially destroy valuable machinery in tech companies. Galeforce winds can also easily shatter glass and hurt a building’s occupants.

By reinforcing your tech company’s windows with security window film, you can strengthen your tech company’s glass surfaces and prevent them from shattering during extreme weather events, reducing glass-related injuries and damage to your tech property.

In addition, the security film can prevent opportunists from breaking into your office and stealing valuable technology and information in the event your tech company is evacuated during extreme weather.

Blocks out UV rays

UV rays aren’t just bad for the health of your employees, they can also damage property. These rays can cause fading in furniture and upholstery, and since this damage is irreversible, you may need to replace your damaged property.

Tech companies need to keep a pristine image, and sun-damaged furniture will not leave a good first impression on people who visit your tech firm. Replacing damaged furniture can also be costly and time-consuming.

Security film is capable of blocking UV rays and can protect your staff and tech assets from getting damaged.

Make your tech company safer with security window film

Security film is a simple yet effective way to protect your tech company from intruders, the effects of extreme weather, and damage to your furniture and other assets.

To get the best out of your security film, get in touch with a professional window film installation company in Pittsburgh today.

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