According to the United States Department of Justice, there are about 2.5 million burglaries in the United States every year.

One of the most common ways a thief could get into a home is by smashing windows.

Windows are a staple of home construction, but they’re also easy entry points for thieves. Even with a security system installed, in most cases, burglaries are quick “smash and grab” thefts where the perpetrators have already escaped before the authorities arrive.

With security window film, also called window safety film, your home’s window glass can be made much more robust, making it harder for thieves to break them.

Aside from break-ins, window glass could also shatter during extreme weather events where gale-force winds and hailstones are involved. Security window film can prevent the glass from shattering during these events and keep you and your family safe.

While window safety film installation may seem like a quick and easy solution to these problems, there are a few factors you need to consider before going through it.

1. The type of glass used for your windows

Like any other type of window film, security window film can easily be installed onto window glass. The problem is that not all types of glass are suitable for window safety film installation.

For instance, security window film, or any other window film for that matter, cannot be installed on textured glass. For the window film to stick to the glass properly, the glass must be perfectly smooth.

If your home has windows with textured glass, you might need to replace them with smooth glass panes, but this can be very costly and time-consuming.

Before procuring the window film, make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see if your home’s window glass fits the window film’s requirements.

2. The warranty on the window glass

In some homes, window glass may come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and sometimes, this warranty may become void when you install window film.

In most cases, manufacturers may not cover any defect caused by window film. To avoid a problem like this, speak to the window glass manufacturer to see if their warranties will allow window film installation.

3. The requirements of your home

There are many kinds of residential window film solutions aside from security window film, and they all provide different kinds of benefits. Unfortunately, you can only have one window film installed on a glass surface at a time.

Before going through with window safety film installation, you’ll want to think about the requirements of your home; more security, climate control, privacy, or aesthetics?

Security window film can be tinted to provide more privacy and reinforce window glass. When it comes to solar control, however, most security window film won’t provide the same benefits as solar window film.

While you can install multiple types of window film, you’ll need to consider which windows in your home will benefit the most from security window film.

4. The non-window glass surfaces

Windows aren’t the only places a home will have glass surfaces. Many modern homes have glass walls, glass partitions, and furniture with glass panels.

These glass surfaces are potential hazards and could lead to glass-related injuries if they break, especially when you have young children and animals. Installing security window film will help mitigate accidents caused by broken glass.

5. The professional help required

The method used to install security window film plays a major role in its effectiveness. While you can try installing the window film by yourself, it’s difficult to do so properly unless you have real hands-on experience.

For a perfect window security window film installation job, you should consider working with a professional window film installation company. They not only promise a perfect job, but they can also help you decide which areas in your home could use protection from security window film.

Get the best out of your window safety film installation

Security window film can help make your home safer, but with a professional touch—you can get the perfect security window film installation. Speak with a well-reputed window film installer to get the best out of your security window film.

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