The use of communication in storefronts and shop windows is increasing rapidly with the increase of digital signage.

Decals and attractive displays are the most common ways of attracting people to retail stores, but they’re a bit limited.

Window film is often used by retail stores for increased security, thermal control, and curb appeal. These films can also be used for advertising or branding purposes.

One type of specialty window film that retail stores can benefit from is rear projection window film. This unique window film allows you to set up a screen on glass surfaces where you can project videos and images.

These films are easy to install and can be used in various areas of your retail store. Here are four clever ways you can use rear projection film in your retail store.


People are generally attracted to bright and colorful views and with rear projection window film, you can create attractive dynamic displays that can catch the attention of people outside your store.

You can use this film to promote products, display offers, or even run advertisements to a much wider audience than a simple banner fixed on your storefront that most people are likely to pay little to no attention to.

You can even display your advertisements in different shapes and sizes, giving your store a truly unique look. Since these films are quite easy to install, you can also avoid bulky traditional projection screens that are not only more difficult to install, but also require a lot of maintenance.

Another great way to use this film is to install it in a part of your store that houses featured products. This way, you can turn your customers’ attention to these specific items in your store.

Holiday Decorations

Does your store have a knack for going all out for the holidays whether it’s Halloween, the Fourth of July, or Christmas? Then rear projection window film can help you make your store look more festive for customers who’re in the holiday mood.

Rear projection film can help you cut back on the prep and put up some unique decorations in the form of a video projection or even just a simple image. You can create an interactive experience for all your customers whether they’re in-store customers or passersby.

For example, You can wish your customers for the holidays with a short video or even display some holiday-themed images that play on a loop.

Another great benefit of this film is that you can cut back on the money you spend on physical decorations for your store—you also don’t have to waste valuable space storing your holiday decorations when it’s time to pack up after the holidays.


Every retail store has an area that’s marked off as ‘employees only’ or just an office space where all the back-end work happens that you simply don’t want your customers to see.

Rear projection window film can help you cover it up with a still image promoting a product or displaying an advertisement.

Not only will you have a retail store that looks good but you can also prevent your customers from seeing certain parts of your business.

Whether you’re trying to cover up a small section or an entire wall, rear projection window film is an easy way to do so.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to engage your customers. Getting some videos of your customers giving testimonials while they’re in-store and running them on a continuous roll can help your other customers get the recommendations they need to purchase your products.

Often, there are posters or banners displayed with customer reviews and these might get overlooked since customers don’t typically enjoy standing and reading your display ads.

With rear projection film, however, you can display customer testimonial videos that your other customers can engage with and get the extra push they need to make a purchase.

Not only will you be engaging more customers but you’ll also have them talking about your creative in-store testimonial videos and spreading the word about your store.

Upgrade your retail store with rear projection film today

Rear projection window film is a great way to revamp your retail store, attract new customers, and get new customers coming back for more.

Even though this window film is relatively easy to install, getting the help of a professional installer will allow you to get the best out of it.

Get in touch with a good window film installer in your area today!

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