There’s something undeniably captivating about the way natural sunlight looks as it streams through the windows. The presence of natural light in our homes can have a remarkable effect on our mood, comfort, and connection with others.


Still, the sunlight itself can pose some hidden dangers to our belongings — especially the furniture, artwork, and decor that add a personal touch to our homes and businesses. Over time, many of these pieces can fade and deteriorate.

The Effects of UV Damage

The primary cause of fading, discoloration, and deterioration in different materials like textiles, wood, leather, and artwork is UV radiation. The sun releases a wide spectrum of light, much of which is beneficial to us — and some of which is detrimental. This spectrum includes a healthy amount of invisible ultraviolet light, which is typically to blame for the gradual degradation of our furnishings.


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the molecular structure of dyes and pigments to break down, resulting in unsightly permanent damage. Fortunately, modern innovation has brought us a solution that brings together the benefits of natural light and effective protection: the UV window film known as Solar Film.

The Science of UV Window Film Protection

UV window film — better known as “solar film” in the industry — was created to protect our homes from the harmful parts of our treasured sunlight. The simple application of this film can prevent up to 99% of damaging UV radiation from entering the rooms in which you live, work, or play.


The film itself is a clear layer that adheres to your windows, serving as a shield against the damaging impact of UV light. At the same time, it allows in the majority of visible natural light, allowing your living space to stay bright and airy.


UV window film is designed to block harmful radiation with advanced technology that either reflects or absorbs UV rays. The result is simple: the damaging parts of sunlight never make it past the glass, preserving the vibrant colors and structural integrity of your furniture, artwork, and finishes.

Convenience, Comfort, and Cost-Savings

Solar UV window film offers a wide range of benefits beyond fade prevention. When you protect your belongings from UV damage, you also preserve their structural integrity, keeping them in great shape for many years. This can be especially beneficial for heirloom pieces, cherished artworks, and unique furnishings with particular sentimental or monetary value.


Beyond its protective benefits, solar film can also contribute to a comfortable indoor environment through the reduction of glare and excess heat. Plus, the reduced strain on your HVAC systems can reduce monthly energy costs. This remarkable product strikes a perfect balance between clear views, illumination, solar safety, and energy efficiency. 

Protect Your Home With Solar UV Window Film

At U.S. Film Crew, we appreciate the value of a safe, comfortable, and protected indoor environment. This is why our solar films are designed to give you the highest degree of protection from harmful radiation without compromising natural light.


An investment in UV window film from U.S. Film Crew is an investment in your windows, your property, and, ultimately, your wallet. Get in touch today to learn more about the remarkable technologies the wide world of window film has to offer.


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