When we talk about shelling out the cash for another home improvement project, many homeowners often wonder if tinted home windows worth the investment.

Indeed, tinting home windows may help you cut down on heat gain and glare during warmer seasons. But is the return on investment really there?

What most homeowners are not aware of is the value of having the residential window film installed professionally, which could be the difference between years of savings or a few short years before having to replace your window film.

As one of Pittsburgh’s leading window film installation companies, U.S. Film Crew is here to help you weigh the pros and cons of having tinted house windows. We know how important product selection is when we talk about maximizing your investment. Below we outline some of the pros and cons of tinted house windows.

Pros of Tinted House Windows

If your windows lack energy efficiency, then treating them with the ideal window film is one of the most economical and simplest ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Maximize Energy Tax Credits

Most homeowners notice the energy-saving advantages of investing in window film. However, they don’t consider the extra opportunities to recoup their investment. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Energy lets you claim at least 30% of the cost of the qualified product? That also includes installation fees.

Improved Security and Safety

Homeowners who opt for security window film can enjoy the protection against natural disasters, break-ins, and more. These security and safety films are shatter resistant, which helps hold the glass together to help avoid potential injury. In most cases of forced entry efforts, such films will deter threats instantly.

Minimize Fading of Interior Upholstery and Furnishings

Have you ever seen how your upholstered furniture, drapes, and curtains near your windows fade over time? This is the result of too much UV exposure from the sun. Window films can help minimize these harmful UV rays, thus protecting your valuable home furnishings.

Enhance Visibility to the Outdoors

Lowered exterior and interior reflexivity is another major feature found in window films. Window film improves outdoor views from the inside while maintaining a beautiful look on the exterior of your glass windows.

Cons of Tinted House Windows

While there are plenty of benefits that window films offers, there are also some important considerations to keep in mind:

The Amount of Windows in Your Home Influences the Cost

As you already know, all home improvements come with a price tag. Professional installation may cost more for bigger homes when it is all said and done. Nevertheless, the payback can be as soon as a few years away, especially if you factor in the long-term energy savings with such an investment.

Some Products Can Invalidate the Manufacturer’s Warranty

It’s important to review the manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing any type of window film. We recommend that you work with a window film dealer so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

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