Installing window film isn’t always the first thing a business owner would consider when looking for new ways to enhance their workplace.

The reason may be that tinting windows used to be its main and only selling point.

But, the humble window film has improved leaps and bounds over the years; modern window film solutions are capable of delivering benefits most business owners may think are not possible with window film.

Today, there is a wide range of window film options available; from decorative to security window film—there is a window film solution for every window-related issue. One of the most popular window film solutions for commercial and residential spaces is solar window film.

Despite being a simple-looking addition to your workplace, it can offer some big benefits for your employees and your workplace.

Here’s a look into what you can gain from installing solar window film in your office.

It can make your space more comfortable

Summer days can make your workplace unbearably hot and put a significant burden on your climate control system to keep the workplace cool.

Heat build-up inside the workplace can also make for an uncomfortable working environment for your employees, which makes your employees feel tired and less productive at work.

Your business’ efficiency and productivity can take a hit due to this and hurt your bottom line.

The good news is that solar control window film is designed to block the heat from the sunlight, making the workplace cooler and that much more comfortable during hot summers.

In addition, with solar window film installed, you don’t have to rely on your climate control system to regulate the temperature inside your space, bringing down your electricity bills.

It lets you enjoy natural sunlight

While drapes and curtains do a decent job of keeping the workplace cool by blocking off the heat, they also block out natural sunlight, which is needed to synthesize vitamin D—a mood booster.

Studies have also shown that sunlight is important to regulate the circadian rhythm, also known as the sleep-wake cycle—healthy sleep cycles improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Working in a dimly-lit workplace can also affect your employees’ moods negatively and can lead to problems like eye strain and headaches.

Solar window film can become incredibly useful in these situations, as it filters sunlight passing through the windows to keep the workplace cool instead of completely blocking it. This means that your employees can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight without suffering from the heat.

However, one thing you should keep in mind when choosing this window film for your office is the tint percentage—the higher the percentage, the more light it can let through.

Protects your assets

Ultraviolet light can wreak havoc on office furniture since overexposure to UV rays can cause them to fade, significantly lowering its value.

For commercial spaces, this can be a deal-breaker, as furniture and other assets have to be kept in near-pristine condition to make a good impression on employees and customers.

Thankfully, solar window film can block out 99% of ultraviolet light, keeping your furniture safe from fading for a long time.

Improves interior aesthetics

Sometimes, a bit of good light can make your workplace look much better, and solar film can help improve the lighting in your office, giving your office’s interior an aesthetic boost.

A professional window film installer can help you decide which spaces in your office need window film to improve aesthetics and the tint percentages that’ll work for your office.

Some areas may need more light than others, so it is always good to consult with a professional when installing new window film.

Let your office experience the benefits of solar window film

There are many ways to improve a workplace, but sometimes a simple solution can be the answer to many common workplace problems—solar window film could be the upgrade your workplace needs.

To get the most out of window film solutions for your workplace, get in touch with a professional window film installer.

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