There’s no denying that a window film is a very versatile and cost-effective upgrade for any workplace that gives your office benefits like UV protection and security, to name a few.

Commonly used for privacy purposes, frosted window film can obstruct views into your office from the outside or increase privacy for your employees working in cubicles. They’re also good for filtering sunlight and reducing glare.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, decorative window film is usually the go-to choice for workplaces. But frosted window film, despite being designed to look a lot plainer than decorative film, could also help add a touch of beauty to your office.

This window film doesn’t come in just one design; there are actually several different designs for them. Here’s a look into these different frosted film designs and how you can use them for your office.

Geometric patterns

Frosted film can come in a plethora of beautiful geometric designs, from squares to diamonds. Geometric shapes can give your workplace a very modern look, and their simple look won’t clash with your office’s interior.

Geometric designs also give off a very professional look, making them perfect for commercial buildings. To give your space a unique aesthetic, you could try installing frosted film with different geometric shapes on glass walls and doors in different parts of the office.

For example, diamond shapes for the guest lobby and circles for the conference room.

Natural designs

Frosted film with natural designs comes with the likeness of trees, landscapes or animals etched onto them.

These designs can be very relaxing for your team members and customers who visit your workplace. A very popular natural design is trees and leaves, which can be a great addition to your office’s cafeteria, break room, or any place where your staff can relax.

Negative space

In this case, the window film has shapes of letters, numbers, or shapes cut out of them, and the remaining window film is directly applied to the glass. The silhouette of the shapes is called negative space.

This design can be made to have the company slogan or inspirational messages for your staff member. Negative space design is also very versatile as you can increase the level of privacy in your space by reducing the amount of negative space.

To get the best out of this frosted film design, try using the negative space for motivational messages and quotes for your staff members.

This frosted film design can give you just the right sense of space and privacy.

Graphic designs

Depending on the window film subcontractor, you might get the choice of having a custom design etched onto your window film.

You could choose to incorporate your organization’s logo on the window film or maybe an image that relates to your brand, such as a car if your company specializes in automobile parts.

The types of graphic designs you can have etched on your window film are almost endless.

Line and stripes

A simple design that includes straight lines, sometimes of varying width, stretching across the length of the window film. It can give a workplace an interesting look but this design is better used for enhancing privacy rather than aesthetics.

This design can go well in break rooms and private office rooms.


The gradient design is unique as it makes the window film both transparent and opaque at the same time. The design is transparent on one side and transitions into opacity.

This is a great design for when you want a certain part of a room in your workplace to be more private while still letting in plenty of natural light. For example, this type of design may work well for conference rooms and spaces where you meet with customers.

Try frosted window film for your office

While it may not have the elaborate styles that decorative window film offers, frosted film can be a more simple alternative if you want a grounded aesthetic for your workplace.

To explore the different types of frosted film designs available for offices, get in touch with a well-known window film subcontractor.

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