The amount of functional and stylistic changes you can add to a building with window film are endless.

They come with various designs made to meet functional needs like saving energy within a building or enhancing window security while meeting aesthetic needs like transforming the looks of a building into something more sophisticated.

Due to its creative and innovative designs, specialty window film is a commonly used window treatment in commercial buildings.

If you plan to get specialty window film installed at your office, here are some of the popular types to consider.

Switchable smart glass film

Switchable smart glass film is the futuristic alternative to using blinds. When applied, this film allows you to switch on an opaque screen that creates privacy needed for events like a confidential meeting.

These are best suited for commercial spaces where you want to increase privacy only in certain instances like conference rooms, showrooms, or lounges.

If you are looking for a flexible window privacy option, this is the one for you. Whenever you need privacy, all you have to do is switch the window film on.

Casper cloaking film

This film is made especially for information and data security.

Almost all companies deal with sensitive cyber data that they don’t want to get into the wrong hands. If you have open floor plans with glass walls, however, your computer screens are exposed to anyone.

Your answer? Casper cloaking film. The film obscures content on digital screens to any outside viewer but doesn’t cover anything else, allowing you just the right amount of privacy.

Casper cloaking film lets your office space maintain a balance of privacy and modern minimalism. You can still have sleek glass walls while keeping your data safe.

Bird safety window film

Deaths and injuries that happen to migratory birds in populated areas are, unfortunately, inevitable. With the right kind of window film, you can minimize this from happening.

Birds flying through areas with tall buildings often collide into windows due to their inability to differentiate between the real view and the reflection. Installing bird-safety film can prevent such accidents from happening.

This type of film is designed with lines drawn on them and is transparent, which prevents reflections. As a result, it will deter the birds, making them fly out of the way of your building.

Anti-graffiti film

Are you trying to protect your building against vandalism? If your office is in an area notorious for vandalism you can use an anti-graffiti film to protect your windows.

An anti-graffiti film can protect the windows from damage by drawings, blemishes, and scratches without you needing to maintain 24/7 surveillance.

You can have spotless windows and a perfect building with minimal effort and maintenance.

Decorative film

Not every commercial building needs to look the same as the other. So if you want to forego the minimalism and add a splash of color or texture to your windows, nothing is stopping you from using decorative window film.

This is a type of specialty window film made just for those of you who love to try bold designs and comes in many types like stained glass, frosted glass, or etched glass film.

While they may not always fit in with the typical sleek-looking corporate buildings, this kind of film creates something more aesthetic with fashionable designs and patterns.

Want to try something different and stand out? Install decorative window film.

Specialty window film—endless choices for window treatment needs

Whether you want to redecorate your building to stand out from the rest of the buildings in the area, or you need to enhance the privacy of your building, specialty window film will have the type of film you need.

With the myriad of design and stylistic options in the market, you will never run out of choices to choose from either!

Once you choose your preferred type of film, you can get a window film expert to install them on your office windows.

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