The world around us is changing, and as it does, demand for more sustainable initiatives are being prioritized. Both home and business owners want a greener future — and all the immediate advantages that come with it. 

At U.S. Film Crew, we’ve been elevating the efficiency of Pittsburgh’s most forward-thinking buildings for more than thirty years. As our city’s most experienced window film installation crew, we provide a wide selection of solar window films, each designed to promote comfort and sustainability.. 

Here’s everything you need to know about solar control with window film.

The Power of Energy Efficiency

Solar window films offer a host of advantages, including everything from the practical to the purely aesthetic. Apart from the obvious improvements in comfort, however, it’s the all-important sustainability features that really set these films apart. A proper solar film installation offers:

Temperature Regulation

One central advantage of solar window film is its capacity to regulate indoor temperatures with extreme effectiveness. There are a variety of ways film can achieve this. Reflective films, for example, bounce off a significant portion of solar heat by reflecting sunlight; tinted films, on the other hand, reduce heat gain by filtering out a large portion of the light that enters. 

Regulating indoor temperatures has a number of notable advantages, especially in terms of business operation and customer experience. Stable temperatures mean clientele stays comfortable throughout the visit; lessened strain on HVAC systems means a longer lifespan for your facility’s equipment. 

Cost-Saving Potential

Solar films are likewise renowned for their remarkable cost-saving potential. By reducing the need for excess heating and cooling through superior temperature regulation, solar window films have been known to produce a swift return on investment through decreased energy bills.

This improved energy efficiency is, in certain ways, a two-fold cost saver. Obviously, less reliance on artificial cooling translates to lower utility costs each month. In the long run, however, this lessened strain may also produce a longer lifespan for HVAC systems and fewer instances of costly maintenance and repair. 

3 Kinds of Solar Window Film and Their Advantages

Reflective Films

Reflective solar films work by reflecting sunlight outward towards its source, away from your building and its interiors. This allows inhabitants to see outward while obscuring the view from passers-by, all while improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Tinted Films

Tinted solar window films are a popular option for their sleek, subtle appearance and customizable light levels. Tinted films are available in various degrees of VLT (visible light transmission), allowing home and business owners to tailor their solar control strategy to the needs of the location. Darker tints mean lower transmission, lessened heat gain, and reduced visibility, while lighter tints mean subtle protection with unobstructed views.

Low-E Films

Low-E (or Low-Emissivity) films are a cutting-edge variety of solar film designed to maximize energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer. These films are extremely effective in improving insulation, even to the point of reducing heat loss during the winter. Low-E films are a supreme choice for the environmentally-conscious business.

Elevate Your Efficiency With Solar Window Films

As Pittsburgh’s most experienced installers, we here at U.S. Film Crew have seen the power of superior energy efficiency firsthand on countless occasions. With the highest quality films and expert precision in installation, we strive to give home and business owners the control they deserve: control of the sun and their own sustainability.

Ready to harness your solar strategy and elevate the efficiency of your facilities? A greener future for your business is only an installation away. Get in touch with U.S. Film Crew today for an expert consultation and a free quote.

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