Today, building owners around the world are looking for ways to make commercial and residential buildings more energy-efficient to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on electricity.

With the increase in the use of household and commercial technologies, people have in turn become increasingly dependent on fossil fuels and other energy sources, and this has led to current issues like climate change.

You may feel that the impact your home or workplace has on the environment is negligible compared to large organizations, but doing your part to make your space more energy-efficient can make a difference.

Getting an energy analysis is a good way to get started on your journey toward making your spaces more energy-efficient, and this is a service that professional window tinting services offer.

Here are a few reasons you should consider getting an energy analysis from a professional window tinting service in Pittsburgh PA.

You need to save on your energy costs

During the warm months of summer, people are likely to use their HVAC systems more. In many instances, these systems run all day to keep building interiors at a comfortable temperature and this leads to excessive energy consumption.

Alternatively, a lot of heat can be lost from windows during winter, making buildings rely on heating systems, like gas heaters, for warmth. Gas heaters burn fuel to work and this will lead to more carbon emissions.

Many homes and workplaces turn to blinds and curtains to block out the sunlight and prevent heat build-up. This, however, will lead to people using electric lights during the day to illuminate their space, consuming a lot of energy.

With an energy analysis from a professional window tinting service, you can find out your total energy usage and they can recommend types of window film, like solar window film, that can help reduce heat levels in your space and filter sunlight.

With this window film, you can make your space cooler so that less energy is wasted due to the HVAC and you can reduce the intensity of sunlight entering your space without installing blinds.

Overall, the energy analysis can help you save money on both cooling and lighting.

You need to increase the comfort and ergonomics of your building

A comprehensive energy analysis can also help you make your home or workplace more comfortable.

After carrying out an energy analysis, window tinting services will recommend window film to help reduce heat gain. These window films can help make your home or office interiors significantly more comfortable, without expending too much energy.

This is especially beneficial for commercial spaces as comfortable work environments can help make employees more productive and potentially give them a morale boost.

You need to make your building sustainable

Designing or upgrading buildings to become greener is not only the trend but it also makes your property more sustainable. Many home seekers look for eco-friendly spaces.

When a commercial building becomes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, it can lead to long-term rewards, like customer loyalty, more recognition for your brand, and improves your company’s image in the eyes of the public.

You need to comply with U.S. energy usage laws and regulations

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act emphasizes the need to have energy-efficient buildings across the United States.

In addition, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has passed a multitude of laws focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, such as the Energy Independence and Security Act.

With the energy analysis and the window film solutions you obtain from a window tinting company, you can make sure that your home or organization meets these laws and does its part to make the country greener.

Call a professional window tinting service for a free energy analysis

When playing a role in making the environment cleaner for everyone, every little thing counts. A simple addition like window film can do a lot to make your space more energy-efficient and sustainable.

U.S. Film Crew aims to help home and business owners alike make their spaces eco-friendly. This is why we offer a free energy analysis to let you discover where you need to make improvements to your building and how window film can help.

Call us at 412-961-8468 to learn more.

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