Commercial Window Film  by U.S. Film Crew quickly improves your branding and office graphics while reducing glare and heat gain. It can also reduce vandalism, improve internet security and provide needed privacy. U.S. Film Crew window film is the elite provider of Commercial window film in Pittsburgh. Find out what window film can do for you!


Residential Window Film provides an immediate change to your home. It can help you cut cooling cost up to 50%, reduce glare, keep the heat out by increasing heat rejection, and help reduce carpet fading by blocking up to 99.9% of UV Ray exposure. Find out more about the benefits of residential window film!


U.S. Film Crew Window Film Flip Book. Check out our latest sales sheet window film flip book! Find out how Pittsburgh’s number 1 window film dealer and installer can benefit your next project. Learn how are decorative, graphic, solar, security and specialty window film can change your office or home. 

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WPXI Covers U.S. Film Crew and School Security Film

School security window film is being recognized as a potential deterrent to intruders. The film is crafted out of high-grade durable polyester, consider it an invisible shield. When bonded to glass, it provides protection against shatter and harmful debris, keeping you and your investment safe and secure. U.S. Film Crew is the country’s leading window film…

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