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Add privacy, a design statement – or both.

We provide commercial decorative window film installation to customers in Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area.

  • Custom Decorative Window Film

    Custom Decorative Window Film

    Put your imagination to the test as you peruse the customizable patterns which offer unending design options through your combined choices of color, opacity, size and texture.
  • Gradient Decorative Window Film

    Gradient Decorative Window Film

    This pairing of minimal patterns and gradual transitions gives you sophisticated privacy control. Emphasize what’s attractive and disguise what’s not, as projects demand.
  • Textile Decorative Window Film

    Textile Decorative Window Film

    This softer, fiber-inspired series is as stylish as printed glass but much more budget-friendly. Choose it to add a layer of dimension, filter light and create partial privacy.
  • Specialty Decorative Window Film

    Specialty Decorative Window Film

    This expressive series includes glowing colors and light masks in white and black, for use alone or in combination. Add artistic flair or completely obscure unattractive views.
  • Pattern Decorative Window Film

    Pattern Decorative Window Film

    Repeating patterns of lines and squares creatively applied for a wide range of moods and coverage levels. Discover the wide variety and striking geometry of this series.
  • Nature Decorative Window Film

    Nature Decorative Window Film

    A beautiful and practical film series inspired by natural elements including water, foliage and sand. Enhance interior landscapes with added privacy and organic harmony.
  • Textured Frost Decorative Window Film

    Textured Frost Decorative Window Film

    The versatility of a matte frost film, elevated with subtle texture to mimic specialty glass. Choose any style from this decorative film series for a refined look and privacy with a light, open feel.
  • Color Frost Decorative Window Film

    Color Frost Decorative Window Film

    The timeless look of a matte frost film, enlivened with neutral colors in both warm and cool tones. Create ambiance and privacy at a fraction of the cost of custom glass.
  • Matte Frost Decorative Window Film

    Matte Frost Decorative Window Film

    A wide range of understated, matte-finish frost styles suitable for a variety of design aesthetics. Fine-tune light transmission and privacy levels for the ideal solution.

When it comes to your glass interiors, why be ordinary when there’s extraordinary? Decorative window film, also known as privacy film or decorative glass film, will be a great addition to your office building interior.

The benefits of decorative film include:

  • Transforming the look of plain office or conference glass
  • Providing privacy to open glass offices and conference rooms
  • Adding style to your office décor
  • Diffusing harsh light that penetrates glass offices and conference rooms

U.S. Film Crew has an extensive selection of decorative glass tinting film to choose from. These films come in an array of patterns and colors. See the slide show for some of the many examples.

Remember: It takes experienced window film experts – like U.S. Film Crew – to properly install your decorative window films.

If adding decorative film to your office workspace is something you’ve been considering, call us today at 412-961-8468 and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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Why Choose Us as Your Decorative Window Tinting Partner?

Our comprehensive inventory of decorative window films gives our customers a wide selection of beautiful window films to choose from.

It takes considerable expertise to properly install decorative window films, also known as privacy films. Our U.S. Film Crew installers are experienced in all aspects of decorative window film installation, which is why we are the leading decorative window tinting company in the Tri-State area.

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Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is the perfect solution for dressing up your plain office and conference room glass. There are many additional benefits to having decorative – or privacy – window film installed in your office building. They include:

decorative window tint

Elevate Interior Design

The many decorative window film shapes and patterns can elevate the look of your office space.

decorative films

Increase Privacy

Glass offices and conference rooms in high traffic areas offer little privacy. Decorative film solves that issue.

decorative window films

Hide Unwanted Views

Completely shield or partially obscure views while allowing nature light to filter through.

decorative window film

Diffuse Harsh Light

Bright light can be problematic. Decorative films diffuse and softens the light, improving aesthetics and adding comfort.

commercial decorative window film

Mimics Specialty Glass

Decorative films can match etched or textured glass at a fraction of the cost.

decorative glass tinting film

Make Updates Easy

Decorative films are durable, yet easy to install and remove. You can update them anytime for a new, fresh look or different requirement.


Customer Reviews

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

John Bell, Brower Tinting & Graphics

“We have worked with the U.S. Film Crew for years. They have done several different types of jobs for us – straight film, frosted vinyl, and security film. I walked the job when they were done, and it was one of the quickest, cleanest jobs I’ve seen. The next time I need a job like that done, I won’t hesitate to use them again.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nick Johnson, Solas Window Tint

“U.S. Film Crew is the best in the industry! We have worked together on multiple large commercial window film projects and the results are always top notch. You won’t find better customer service, quality of work, or professionalism anywhere else. I highly recommend U.S. Film Crew!”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tisha Fitzpatrick, General Solar

“Throughout my 34 years of experience in the window film industry, I have needed to reach out to U.S. Film Crew’s expertise for installing film on large projects. The entire crew, at all levels, are knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, reliable, thorough and always meet deadlines for completion.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can decorative film provide an extra level of privacy in my office space?

If you have a plain glass office, decorative film can provide you with a level of privacy while still allowing light inside.

Will decorative film reduce the glare on my televisions and computers within my office space?

Decorative films can significantly reduce the amount of glare in your office space. They will filter out harsh light, keeping your computer and TV screen free from light-induced reflections.

Which areas of my office space would decorative window film benefit the most?

Glass offices, conference rooms and work stations all can benefit from the installation of decorative or privacy films. They will elevate your office appearance, provide a measure of privacy and diffuse harsh light.

Can decorative film be applied to office doors?

Yes, decorative films can be applied to glass office doors the same way they are installed on glass windows.

How long does decorative window film typically last?

High-quality decorative window films can last up to 15 years if properly maintained. The benefits of these films and reasonable pricing make them a worthwhile and cost-effective investment.

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