High-Quality Window Film for Business Owners

With commercial window film solutions, you can introduce a range of useful features to your workplace.

Bring out the best in your office with commercial window film.

Commercial window film solutions can help businesses become more secure, improve their building’s aesthetics, maintain a comfortable work environment and increase privacy.

Commercial Window Film Installation

How offices can benefit from commercial window film solutions

A safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing work environment can help boost productivity, attract potential customers, and also improve your organization’s brand image.

Adding new features to your workplace can be difficult, especially when you are on a tight budget. This is where commercial window film solutions, like switchable smart glass film and security window film come in!

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Commercial film offers a plethora of benefits for business owners in the Tri-State area.

As a business owner, you invest a lot in your company. Whether you own a restaurant, office space or retail store, the comfort, security and aesthetics that you offer to your employees and customers should be at the top of your list.

For over thirty years, we have offered business owners various window film solutions to meet their needs. We are known for our exceptional window film installation techniques as well as our unmatched quality control and customer support services. This has made U.S. Film Crew the most trusted window film company in the Tri-State area.

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Types of Window Films for Interior Designers

Alternative to Blinds and Curtains for Offices

Solar Window Film

This window film is designed to block out harmful UV rays and reduce heat build-up in the workplace, making your office cooler and more comfortable for employees.

Window Film Solutions for Your Office

Decorative Window Film

This window film is an excellent alternative to etched glass and comes in a variety of attractive patterns. It can also be used to block views and improve privacy.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film Installation

Security Window Film

Installing this window film onto your office’s windows and other glass surfaces can make the glass harder to break, preventing intruders from breaking in and entering.

Specialty Window Film Options and Ideas for Your Office

Specialty Window Film

This range of window film includes switchable smart glass film and many other window films that can provide your workplace with a host of unique features.


What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cody S, Rycon Construction

“From the buyout process to field installation US Film Crew is on top it! They work seamlessly from estimating to installation, and are there every step of the way to help share their expertise in window film. The field crew are some of the best and do whatever they can to help the process go as smooth as possible.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mike Ferrara, Eastman

“U.S. Film Crew is exactly what we look for in a dealer/installation partner. Their quality of work is second to none, they stand behind everything they do, and they are loyal to the brand and represent it exceptionally. U.S. Film Crew is a family business, and they go out of their way to make everyone feel like part of their family!”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jon Nickless, Solar Gard

“I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with the team at U.S. Film Crew for close to 20 years. Over this timespan, they have always been very helpful and willing to partner with my dealers on the ordinary and the extraordinary projects, and they make every project, both large or small, their highest priority.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular specialty window films for business owners?

Here are some of the most popular specialty window films sold by U.S. Film Crew:

  • Anti-bird film for office buildings located in fly through zones is designed to keep birds from flying through your windows and being injured by the glass. It’s a great solution for businesses looking to preserve their building’s aesthetics while also ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.
  • Casper Cloaking technology window films can prevent cyber thieves from stealing data from computer and tablet screens, which is especially important for businesses that use these devices for their day-to-day operations. Casper Cloaking technology can be activated by touch or voice commands, so if you’re worried about cyber security threats and want to protect your business from them, this product is a good option.
  • Switchable smart glass film provides privacy to your glass conference rooms and offices – this means that when you want privacy, you can simply activate it with a voice command or touch of a button. This product is ideal for businesses who need privacy but don’t want to install curtains on their windows.

Why do business owners use security window film?

Security window film is one of the most important investments that any business owner can make. It protects your employees from the dangers of flying glass in the event of explosions and catastrophic weather. Without this durable film installed on building windows, dangerous shards of glass would be sent flying in every direction, causing grievous injuries to office employees.

How can decorative window film enhance my space?

Decorative window film is an affordable way to make a big impact on your space. It can be used as a decorative element or as a privacy screen depending on the application. The most common applications for decorative film include interior glass walls, doors, entrances, partitions, conference rooms, and building facades.



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