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Life can be unpredictable; these films are reliable for home safety. U.S. Film Crew provides safe, secure, and shatter resistant window film to protect your family and your home.

Protect your home, and family, with safety and security window film from U.S. Film Crew

With the threat of home invasions, unexpected explosions and extreme weather events always looming, the demand for the installation of security films in homes has grown. These films protect the windows in your home, holding the glass in place during any catastrophic event. This prevents glass shards flying through the air, causing serious injury to your family.

Residential Security Window Film Installation

Here’s what residential security window film can do for you:

  • Hold glass in place during catastrophic events
  • Protect your family
  • Protect your investment
  • Maintain a clear view while protecting the glass

Our heavy-duty safety and security window films are designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows, doors and entryways while maintaining an unobtrusive, attractive exterior appearance.

Some of our security window films also have a sun control component, which adds the benefit of increased comfort and utility bill savings.

Remember: It takes experienced window film experts – like U.S. Film Crew – to properly install security window films in your home.

Pittsburgh's Trusted Window Film Company

Why choose U.S. Film Crew as your residential security window film installers?

U.S. Film Crew has the best selection of quality security films. We have nearly three decades of experience installing security window films in residential homes in Greater Pittsburgh.

Our many satisfied residential homeowners love us because we provide excellent service and cost-effective solutions to their window issues.

If having residential security window film installed is something you’ve been considering, call us today at 412-961-8468 and let’s talk about how we can help you.


Benefits of Safety & Security Window Film

security windows residential

Helps Deter Intruders

Security window film keeps unwanted intruders, from accessing your home through first-floor windows and glass-fronted doors.

steel security screen doors residential

Blocks UV Rays

Security film’s sun control feature keeps up to 99% of UV rays out of your home, allowing you to enjoy natural light while reducing its harmful effects.

residential window security film

Shatter Resistant Windows

Glass is held in place, preventing windows from shattering and falling apart during catastrophic weather or other unexpected events.

residential decorative window film

Lessen Accidental Damage

Strengthens glass, protecting your windows from high-impact contact with baseballs, golf balls, people accidentally falling and other unforeseen accidents.

health protection

Health Protection

With windows held in place during intentional or accidental explosions, your family members and friends will not be injured by flying glass shards.

steel security screen doors residential

Reflects Heat

Thanks to its solar control capabilities, security window film can reduce the heat entering your home, and increase indoor comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is security window film?

Security window film is a durable polyester film that is applied to the interior of glass windows. Safety and security film is shatter-resistant, protecting your family from flying glass shards during foul weather and other catastrophic events. It also keeps unwanted intruders from entering your home through windows.

Is safety and security film installed on the inside or outside of my home windows?

In most cases, security window film is applied to the inside of your home’s windows. Unless it’s anti-graffiti film, installing security film on the outside of your home’s windows would expose it to the effects of harsh weather, causing it to crack and deteriorate over time.

Why do your customers use safety window film for their homes?

Safety and security window films significantly strengthen glass windows and helps prevent injuries from shattered glass, break-ins, vandalism, and prevents damage from extreme climate, natural disasters, and incoming projectiles (e.g. baseballs).

How do I clean home security film once it has been installed?

The security film on windows in your home can be cleaned using mild, ammonia-free cleansing agents and non-abrasive cleaning supplies like sponges and squeegees.

Which areas of my home would security film benefit the most?

Security film helps protect the vulnerable areas of your home, such as first floor windows for theft, and all windows for catastrophic weather and other unexpected events.

What are additional benefits of safety and security window film?

Some safety and security window films have a solar control component that have the added benefit of keeping your home more comfortable on hot, sunny days and reducing your utility bills.


Safety & Security Window Film Demonstration


Customer Reviews

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Steve H, Pennsylvania

“I had U.S. Film Crew in Pittsburgh, PA install security film/tint on my home. I am very happy with quality of their product and the professionalism of the installer. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. I would definitely recommended U.S. Film Crew to my friends and family.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jerome J, Pennsylvania

“Excellent customer service. Weatherly from U.S. Film Crew was very helpful and the entire staff was very professional. The tint job is fantastic and i would definitely recommend all of my friends go there for best window tint in Pittsburgh (automobile, residential, and commercial).”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Diane L, Pennsylvania

“U.S. Film Crew provides great customer service and wonderful products. Every single person I had contact with was so polite, knowledgeable, and understanding to my needs. The best customer service I have ever encountered. I highly recommend them!”

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