High-Quality Window Film for Architects

By implementing architectural window film solutions into your project, you can add many desirable features to a building’s design.

Why consider architectural window film for your next project?

Architects take their client’s needs and make them into a reality. Architectural window film is a cost-effective and simple addition that can help enhance your building’s design and give your clients access to a range of great features.

Commercial Window Film Installation

Elevate a building’s architectural flair with window film

Architects take their client’s vision and bring them to life in a realistic and practical way. When designing a building, you need to consider the kinds of additional features you can add to elevate your client’s experience.

Though this might not be the first thing you focus on when looking at a blueprint, glass surfaces make up a large portion of many modern buildings. By including architectural window film into the design, the building can benefit from all kinds of useful features, from thermal control to security.

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Turn your dreams into a reality with architectural window film

At U.S. Film Crew, we help architects like you create spaces that reflect their creativity and style. We know how important it is to find window film solutions that not only meet your needs but also reflect your vision for the project. That’s why we partner with industry’s leading manufacturers to provide high-quality products with innovative features and benefits for any application.

For over thirty years, we have offered architects various window film solutions to meet their needs. We are known for our exceptional window film installation techniques as well as our unmatched quality control and customer support services. This has made U.S. Film Crew the most trusted window film company in the Tri-State area.

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Best Types of Architectural Film for Windows

These are the different types of window film you can include in your design and what they can add to the building you’re creating.

Architectural Window Film

Solar Window Film

Solar window film can help reduce heat gain, making the building’s interiors more comfortable. It can also block out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and damage furniture.

Commercial Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

This window film is a good alternative to etched glass. They come in a variety of patterns for your clients to choose from and they can easily be switched out for a different design without needing to replace the glass.

Alternative to Blinds and Curtains for Offices

Security Window Film

Safety is an important feature every building should have. Security window film can fortify windows and other glass surfaces making them harder to break, and preventing potential break-ins and accidents.

Casper Cloaking Technology

Specialty Window Film

Our full range of specialty window films that offer many unique features, like improving privacy, preventing collision between birds and windows, eliminating fogging and removing graffiti.


What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cody S, Rycon Construction

“From the buyout process to field installation US Film Crew is on top it! They work seamlessly from estimating to installation, and are there every step of the way to help share their expertise in window film. The field crew are some of the best and do whatever they can to help the process go as smooth as possible.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mike Ferrara, Eastman

“U.S. Film Crew is exactly what we look for in a dealer/installation partner. Their quality of work is second to none, they stand behind everything they do, and they are loyal to the brand and represent it exceptionally. U.S. Film Crew is a family business, and they go out of their way to make everyone feel like part of their family!”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jon Nickless, Solar Gard

“I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with the team at U.S. Film Crew for close to 20 years. Over this timespan, they have always been very helpful and willing to partner with my dealers on the ordinary and the extraordinary projects, and they make every project, both large or small, their highest priority.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best window film solutions for architects?

When you’re choosing the best window film for your next project, there are many factors to consider. If the main goal is to strengthen the windows, you can pick the security window film and use decorative window film for more stylistic purposes. Alternatively, if you want to save your client money on energy bills, then you can opt for solar window film.

What areas of a building typically need window film installation?

Window film installation is a great way to add style or color and can be used in many different areas of a building. Many property owners use window film to add coverage from the heat or glare of the sun, as well as add privacy to their glass doors or partition walls. Window film does not always need to have a functional need behind it. Buildings can have decorative film as well.

What is the cost of hiring a professional window film installer?

The cost of hiring a professional window film installer depends on the type of film you choose. For residential and commercial buildings, the cost for the film is measured per square feet; how large the windows are, and how many windows need coverage. For more information on the cost of installation projects and film maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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