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We provide beauty, safety, and savings to residential customers in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Residential window tinting allows you to save money on costly blinds and curtains without sacrificing natural light and privacy.

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U.S. Film Crew’s architectural window films offer a wealth of benefits for homeowners, depending on which type you choose. Residential film is a simple, cost-effective solution for a wide range of window-related problems. Whether it’s minimizing harsh sunlight, providing a safe space for your family, or lowering energy costs, we have a wide assortment of window films that will meet your needs. Our selection of decorative film, solar film, and security film helps make your needs a reality. We’re here to bring you high-quality residential window tint film to suit your individual needs.

Did you know that window film can help absorb and reflect up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering your air conditioning costs in the summer and heating bills in the winter? Residential film blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays from entering the house, protecting you and your family, as well as preventing your furnishings from fading. Our reflective solar film & residential decorative window film also increases privacy and enhances your home’s appearance.

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As the Tri-State’s most trusted window film dealer, we stop at nothing to guarantee excellent service and complete satisfaction for our customers. For more information about our architectural window film solutions and residential window film installation services, please browse our products below or contact us at 412-961-8468 to speak to one of our experts!

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Why choose us as your Residential Window Tinting Partner?

Backed by 28 years of experience, we have the technical know-how and proficiency to undertake and manage any residential window film installation project. Our mission is to provide homeowners with innovative, timely, cost effective, and superior products that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. Our reputation for excellence in product quality, and customer support has made U.S. Film Crew an innovative leader in the residential market. To maintain this level of excellence and strengthen our competitiveness in the national market, we will continue to develop new techniques and to improve our production capabilities. Contact us today to speak to one of our architectural film installation specialists!


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U.S. Film Crew’s architectural window films offer a wealth of benefits for homeowners, depending on which type you choose. In addition, they are available in a variety of styles and tints, so you can be as bold, or as subtle, as you’d like.

residential window film

Residential Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are a cost-effective alternative to etched or frosted privacy glass. At a fraction of the cost, this window film creates the same atmosphere, allowing homeowners to invest in other upgrades. Whether you’re creating privacy in a bathroom, adding style to a shower surround, or bringing a soft glow to a bedroom decorative film lets you customize your surroundings and give your windows new life.

Residential Window Tint Film

Residential Solar Window Film

Did you know that UV rays also travel through windows, causing you to be further exposed inside your home? With U.S. Film Crew’s residential solar window film, you can get instant protection. You don’t have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home bright and open to outdoor views and protect your family and your furnishings from UV rays with solar control film.

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Residential Security Window Film

Unfortunately, your windows can be an entry point for criminals, sweltering heat, and harmful UV rays. Fortunately, there is a smart answer to this problem; one that doesn’t require you to sacrifice natural sunlight or curb appeal. We provide high-performance security films to help protect your residence from crime, vandalism, and mother nature.

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Residential Specialty Window Film

Specialty window film improves the performance of your home windows, enhances indoor comfort, and maintains optically clear views. Whether you’re choosing U.S. Film Crew’s specialty window film because of personal preference, neighborhood association rules, or historic preservation, you’ll like what it changes about your home.


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Steve H, Pennsylvania

“I had U.S. Film Crew in Pittsburgh, PA install security film/tint on my home. I am very happy with quality of their product and the professionalism of the installer. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. I would definitely recommended U.S. Film Crew to my friends and family.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jerome J, Pennsylvania

“Excellent customer service. Weatherly from U.S. Film Crew was very helpful and the entire staff was very professional. The tint job is fantastic and i would definitely recommend all of my friends go there for best window tint in Pittsburgh (automobile, residential, and commercial).”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Diane L, Pennsylvania

“U.S. Film Crew provides great customer service and wonderful products. Every single person I had contact with was so polite, knowledgeable, and understanding to my needs. The best customer service I have ever encountered. I highly recommend them!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will solar film reduce the heat in my home?

Absolutely! The heat-blocking technology of solar films reflect the ultraviolet and infrared rays from sunlight and significantly reduces the heat transmitted into to your home. Whether it’s summer or winter, solar window film help stabilize room temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Will solar film reduce glare on my televisions and computers?

Yes! The anti-glare properties of solar film help distribute sun rays evenly and allows sunlight to illuminate your residence while controlling the glare from affecting your TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

Will solar film help protect my family from harsh sunlight?

Without a doubt! Solar window film can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, which helps protect you and your family from getting skin or eye damage.

Which areas of my home would benefit the most from decorative window film?

Solar films should be installed in rooms with high-exposure to sunlight, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Not only does it help reflect harmful UV rays and reduce heat, but it helps protect your loved ones from potential skin and/or eye damage.

Why do homeowners use safety and security window film?

Safety and security window film significantly strengthens glass windows and helps prevent injuries from shattered glass, burglaries, vandalism, graffiti, and natural disasters. This is especially true for people who live in the city on a first level floor.

Which areas of my home would specialty window film benefit the most?

Specialty window films have specific purposes. If you’re looking for bird safety films, then we recommend installing them on your large, exposed windows. If you’re looking for switchable films, then you can install them on your office windows, bathroom windows and/or doors, and other areas in your home that you want to keep private.

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