The Benefits of Commercial Window Film

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Commercial Window Tinting

Increase the benefits of your space with commercial window film. When professionally installed, commercial window film makes a world of a difference. Whether you are looking to reject heat, increase energy savings, give your space a unique decor, or protect your building, window film can be used as a solution. 


Window Film Services Offered at U.S. Film Crew.

Solar Window Film  Increase the energy efficiency of your space. Solar window film rejects overwhelming heat from entering your building. Along with heat rejection, solar window film decreases annoying glare, protects interior fading, and blocks out 99.5% of UV Rays.

Decorative Window Film – Customize your space to fit your style. Use decorative window film to uniquely brand and design your office. Increase privacy without blocking out natural light by adding decorative window film to your space. With U.S. Film Crew, all of our projects are tailored to meet the needs and taste of each customer.

Security Window Film Security window film is your ultimate guard 24/7 365. When you add security window film to glass, it will keep it from shattering when hit with extreme impact. Use security window film to mitigate force, block out electronic signals, and protect against natural disaster.

Specialty Window Film – U.S. Film Crew offers a variety of speciality window films. From bird window film to high-technology Casper Cloaking film, we are able to provide to all of your window film needs.

Your Trusted Window Film Resource

U.S. Film Crew is Pittsburgh’s trusted window film resource. Each unique project is completed with precision and attention to detail.  With over 20 years of national window film experience we have the tools to be able to solve any window film problem. At U.S. Film Crew, we take pride in taking care of our customers. When the client’s needs come first, satisfaction never comes in last.