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U.S. Film Crew is your trusted window film company in Pittsburgh, PA.

With so many choices out there, what makes U.S. Film Crew your trusted window film resource? In short, we are backed by our extensive national experience. U.S. Film Crew is known to always deliver. It’s how we do business.

We proudly serve commercial and residential customers, specializing in the installation of decorative, solar, security, and specialty window films. Our company is backed by over 25 years of window film installation experience, giving us the skill and knowledge to meet any window film need.

During our humble beginning as a window film dealer in Pittsburgh, we have developed an innovative way to invigorate the industry and empower other dealers within it. By creating a niche model to supply the industry with expert labor “on demand”, U.S. Film Crew transformed itself from merely a hometown service provider to THE nationally reputed project management company of the window film industry. Since then, we have completed installations on a wide range of high profile projects across the United States and abroad with our solutions-based approach. Some of these projects include: Microsoft, CIA, EA Sports, World Bank, Exxon, Amazon, and many more.

It is our continual focus to serve other dealers with exceptional performance to their clients that separates us from the field. U.S. Film Crew has sharpened its skills, expanded its capabilities, and grew its relationship to become THE trusted and reliable installation provider. It’s a reputation that we are proud to have earned and uphold.

U.S. Film Crew holds tightly to our core values. We are always striving for the highest level of professional customer care – from sales to installation. Our clients are heard, their ideas are incorporated, their needs are met, and their challenges are overcome ensuring a superior level of satisfaction. When the clients’ needs come first, satisfaction never comes in last.

After going through quite an evolution for the past 25 years, U.S. Film Crew is bringing things around full circle by returning to where is all started – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s been a privilege to work with local cornerstones like PNC, Carnegie Mellon University, and Duquesne University. We couldn’t be happier to come home and strengthen our hometown relationships even more.

So when you ask yourself again: why trust U.S. Film Crew? The answer is simple: we’re a hometown team with national expertise, and we are Pittsburgh’s trusted window resource.

U.S. Film Crew in Pittsburgh, PA


U.S. Film Crew is a grassroots window film company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1992, our owner and founder Glenn Yocca opened doors for business as an automotive tint and detailing company, Yocca Brother’s Spit Shine. Glenn got his start in the window film industry as a self-taught installer and driven businessman. Yocca Brother’s quickly transformed into a company focused enitrely on window film, Sun Solutions Inc.

Sun Solutions Inc. was one of our company’s first steps into commercial and residential window film. Glenn would travel the Pittsburgh area installing window film to vehicles, homes, and commercial locations. After spending some time getting to know the business, and most importantly window film, Glenn’s hard work brought him to a point where preparation met opportunity, and the company became U.S. Film Crew.

From our company’s early days, we have been focused on serving and providing to the needs of our customers. We took this same mentality and applied it to the window film industry. Rather than jumping into the industry as a competitor, U.S. Film Crew stepped out as a subcontracting team. Our company quickly became a known and trusted subcontracting crew, traveling from coast to coast installing solar, security, decorative, and specialty window films. As a subcontracting company, we have worked on projects ranging from the Empire State Building in New York City to EA Sports Headquarters in California.

After gaining experience nationally, U.S. Film Crew has come full circle back to where it all started. Today, we are company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, directly providing window film installation services to commercial locations and residential homes. With over 25 years of national window film experience, we are proud to be one of the nations top window film dealers. From our early days to now, it is our company’s top priority to serve our customers with top quality and professionalism.

U.S. Film Crew in Pittsburgh, PA

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