A History of Quality Window Film Services Like No Other

U.S. Film Crew has a three-decade-long history of providing the highest quality window film solutions in the Tri-State area.

The U.S. Film Crew's 30-Year Story

Every great company has a humble beginning and U.S. Film Crew also started as a small automotive window film installer that went on to be a nationally recognized window film subcontractor over the span of three decades.

So here’s our story,

U.S. Film Crew’s story began with Glenn Yocca opening a Pittsburgh-based automotive window tinting and detailing company called Yocca Brother’s Spit Shine all the way back in 1992.

But Glenn wanted the company to grow beyond this. Being a self-taught window film installer with strong business acumen and the drive to innovate, he saw an opportunity to move his business into the more rewarding and expansive commercial and residential window film market.

The company needed to change its identity before venturing into a new market, so this is when Yocca Brother’s Spit Shine took on a new persona—Sun Solutions!

During the Sun Solutions years, Glenn wanted the company to be as versatile as possible. So he studied the intricacies of the window film business, from the many different kinds of window film available to the most effective installation techniques.

Years later, Sun Solutions was rebranded as U.S. Film Crew, which is what it’s known as to this day. Glenn wanted the company to set itself apart from its competitors; his idea was for U.S. Film Crew to develop a new niche by becoming a window film subcontractor.

As a window film installation subcontractor, U.S. Film Crew’s mission was to offer a range of high-quality window film solutions to both commercial and residential clients from industry-leading manufacturers, by trained professionals.

Over the years, with Glenn and his team’s hard work and determination, U.S. Film Crew became one of the country’s best and most trusted window film installers. They have even worked with major clients, such as the Empire State building, EA sports headquarters, and Apple!

Over three decades, U.S. Film Crew evolved from a small automotive window film installation company in Pittsburgh to one of the most successful window film subcontractors in the United States.

U.S. Film Crew did what not many organizations can do; they took a common product and turned it into a game-changing solution for many problems their customers may face. With window film becoming a standard for buildings, U.S. Film Crew has cemented themselves as the go-to window film subcontractor in every Pittsburgh home or business owner’s mind.

This is only the beginning for U.S. Film Crew. With our commitment to providing cost-effective and lost-lasting window film solutions, We envision a future where we take the company beyond American shores and into international markets, leveraging new technologies that can improve our services.

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