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Specialty films from U.S. Film Crew are a virtually invisible way to improve the performance of your home window glass, able to enhance indoor comfort and maintain optically clear views.

Our expertise in specialty window film installation is unmatched

The demand for specialty window films in residential homes has expanded as new and versatile films have entered the marketplace. These films offer homeowners everything from privacy to interior design flair to cyber theft prevention.

U.S. Film Crew is at the forefront of the residential specialty window film market. Our many residential customers have benefited greatly from our knowledge of what specialty films work best for them and our precise installation methods.

Our specialty films include:

  • Decorative/privacy film
  • Switchable smart glass film
  • Casper Cloaking film
  • Bird safety film
  • Anti-graffiti film
  • Anti-fog film
  • Rear projection film
Residential Window Film Installation

Residential Casper Cloaking Film

As technology continues to expand and improve, making our lives more productive on many levels, there has been a corresponding growth in cyber theft. Even in the seeming security of your home office – or wherever you work in your home – it’s possible for tech thieves to steal vital information from your digital screens through your windows.

U.S. Film Crew installs cloaking films on glass that effectively turn digital screens black to outside viewers, preventing cyber theft.

Residential Switchable Smart Glass Film

Homeowners looking for a flexible solution to glass-enclosed home offices or special rooms have found a winner in switchable window film, also known as smart film. Once this film is installed on the glass, you have the option of keeping the glass opaque – blocking views from outside – or keeping it clear. This happens instantly with a flip of a switch.

Switchable smart films come in a variety of patterns, giving you the option of adding some interior design flair to your home décor. U.S. Film Crew has considerable experience in smart film installation in in residential homes. Our customers utilize our expertise when deciding which switchable smart film or switchable privacy film is best suited for their home.

Residential Bird Safety Window Film

Migratory bird routes or even isolated bird flight patterns often create unavoidable fatal accidents with windows in residential homes. The birds, deceived by the reflection and unable to detect the glass, frequently collide with the glass. It can bet traumatic for family members, especially young children, to witness these unfortunate events.

Having U.S. Film Crew install bird safety film, also known as anti-bird strike film, on windows exposed to these flight patterns will solve the problem, saving the birds and preventing damage to your windows. Here’s what you need to know about bird safety film installed by U.S. Film Crew:

  • The lines in the film are specially designed to break reflections in the glass, allowing birds to see the obstruction
  • Our bird safety film has proved to be 99% successful
  • Its main component is a durable, crystal clear, scratch-resistant polyester
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Why choose U.S. Film Crew as your residential specialty window film installers?

U.S. Film Crew has the best selection of specialty window films as well as the most experienced installers. Since 1992, we have been the No. 1 specialty window film installation choice for homeowners in Greater Pittsburgh.

Our many satisfied residential customers love us because we provide great service and cost-effective solutions to their window and glass problems.

If having a specialty film installed in your home is something you are considering, call us today at 412-961-8468 and let’s talk about how we can help you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can specialty window film prevent my bathroom shower from fogging up?

Anti-fog window film can solve your problem. We can install it on any glass surface in your home, including mirrors, where fogging is an issue.

How does anti-graffiti film work?

This film is applied to the exterior of your windows. If anyone marks up the film or scratches it, it protects your window. The vandalized graffiti film can sometimes be cleaned. If not, it can be removed, leaving your windows unaffected.

Is there a film that I can put on my interior glass, like my bathroom shower, that will give me some privacy?

Privacy film, also known as decorative film or smart privacy glass film, would be an excellent way to add some privacy to your shower or any other glass area in your home. The films come in a variety of colors and stylish patterns and can also enhance your home’s décor.

Specialty Window Film Resources
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