Why Use Blackout Window Film for Your Home?

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Privacy has become a necessity these days and every homeowner wants their home to be a safe sanctuary.

While our windows let in a healthy amount of natural light and give us a nice view of the great outdoors, they’re also weak spots that can draw unwanted attention. Blocking out your windows with curtains is a quick and easy way to solve your privacy problem but this isn’t very effective. A better solution is to install blackout window film.

Why Use Blackout Window Film for Your Home?

How does blackout window film work?

As the name suggests, this type of window film is completely opaque and black. They’re designed to block out any light that tries to pass through them.

They turn your windows solid black and completely obscures the view into your home, giving you maximum privacy.

Why Use Blackout Window Film for Your Home?

Can you see through the blackout film?

No. This window film completely blocks out light from the outside and the inside. They prevent anyone from looking into the building but will also block your view.

This feature makes blackout film ideal for use in places that require privacy, like a home office.

Why Use Blackout Window Film for Your Home?

Can blackout film keep out the heat?

This film is treated with special dyes that not only block out light but also help keep out the heat, keeping your home interiors nice and frosty, and giving your HVAC the break it deserves.

Aside from heat, this film can also block out harmful, cancer-causing ultraviolet rays and distracting glare, keeping the home’s occupants safe and healthy during the blazing summer months.

Why Use Blackout Window Film for Your Home?

How do you apply this window film?

This process is pretty simple but requires a lot of precision; otherwise, the film will not stick properly to your window. It’s recommended that you ask professional window film installers for help.

  • Clean the window with soapy water, wipe it down with a cloth, then let it dry
  • Apply the film onto the now dry window
  • Push out any bubbles forming between the glass and the film
  • Make sure all the corners of the window are covered with the film
  • Cut out the excess film
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can blackout window film protect my furniture and upholstery from fading?

Since blackout film can block most of the UV rays in sunlight, it can protect your upholstery and furniture from fading.

Is blackout window tint self-adhesive?

Yes. This window film is designed to be applied to your windows without needing any form of adhesive.

Can the window film be removed?

Yes, it can be removed but it cannot be reapplied.


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