Rick Lerma

December 7, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Rick Lerma is one of the window film industry’s most well-known and experienced installers. For U.S. Film Crew, [...]

Mark Yocca

March 20, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Mark handles a variety of key functions for U.S. Film Crew, including direct commercial sales, site surveys, project [...]

Ryan Herda

March 19, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Ryan is one of our expert window film installers, with considerable experience in both our residential and commercial [...]

Ton Van Dijk

March 19, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Ton Van Dijk moved from real estate to window film a number of years ago and has never looked back. He is an integral [...]

Keith Hillison

March 18, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Keith is one of U.S. Film Crew’s most experienced window film installers, bringing considerable expertise to all [...]

Karen Klinger

March 18, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Karen is U.S. Film Crew’s do everything employee and the person you want to talk with when you need a question [...]

Glenn Yocca

March 18, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Glenn Yocca is the founder and president of U.S. Film Crew. A Pittsburgh native, he earned a Bachelor of Science in [...]

Weatherly Mattie

March 18, 2020/ usfilmcrew/

Weatherly directs the company’s residential sales division, which involves all residential inquiries and projects. She [...]