What U.S. Film Crew’s acquisition of Solar Gard Ohio/Pennsylvania means for the future of window film services in the United States.

In light of the unprecedented onslaught of challenges world over, many businesses—large and small—had to shut down, deal with tremendous losses, or make strenuous efforts to compete in the new normal market. Amidst these efforts to combat the fast spread of COVID-19, consumer demands too changed.

Business owners had to adapt swiftly and turn to new avenues and methodologies to ensure quality in their delivery and service. In this environment, strategic partnerships gained more strength and facilitated the optimal use of available resources and skills.

The decision for U.S. Film Crew to acquire Solar Gard Ohio/Pennsylvania and take its window film installation services to the next level is a strategic milestone that marked the beginning of a promising future for the company.

The final outcome is an integrated organization that is better equipped to deliver the best window film solutions to its customers—despite the current economy.

Becoming the Tri-State’s Best Window Film Installers

U.S. Film Crew was established in 1992 by Glenn Yocca, as Yocca Brother’s Spit Shine; an automotive tint and detailing company in Pittsburgh.

Soon, Glenn expanded his business into the commercial and residential window film market, and Yocca Brothers Spit Shine was dubbed Sun Solutions.

Eventually, Glenn discovered a niche market through which he could leverage his expertise as a self-taught installer, and Sun Solutions evolved into U.S. Film Crew (USFC)—a window film subcontractor.

By teaming up with some of the best window film technologies in the industry, USFC rapidly gained a reputation as Tri-State’s best window film installer in both residential and commercial buildings.

USFC has also won the hearts of clients across the country with their high-quality customer service, a factor, we’re sure, is behind their continued success.

“U.S. Film Crew is the type of company that earns your repeat business,” one customer testimonial reads, “They communicate exceptionally well and are very
dependable. Not only do they have great installers, their office staff is on the ball.”

What started as a business that catered only to Pittsburgh, USFC soon made its rounds throughout the USA, becoming a trusted window film installation partner
to some of the world’s biggest names—including Apple, Google, Facebook—and shielding buildings for prestigious organizations such as the CIA, the FBI, and landmarks like the Empire State Building.

In 2016, Glenn built the current USFC office, bringing direct sales focus back to Pittsburgh; a strong hometown team with national expertise—a trademark of USFC.

USFC Solar Gard Ohio/Pennsylvania Team

Ensuring Business Continuity in the New Normal

Noteworthy features both companies have displayed in the past two years are their resilience and ability to evolve.

Their joint mission also brings two Pittsburgh family-focused businesses together. USFC’s owner and CEO, Glenn Yocca, with his brother, Mark Yocca, handling Commercial Sales; Glenn‘s daughter, Weatherly Mattie, helping the company break new ground as the Director of Marketing and Sales; together with Tim Trejo, who handles installation and sales with daughter and General Manager, Jacquelyn Trejo.

This acquisition has long been in the works and is the result of a longstanding professional partnership between these two proud family businesses. They have been partners in window film installation for years, and over the course of this partnership, have strived to deliver excellence through a range of high-quality window film solutions and expert installation services.

The acquisition of Solar Gard Ohio/Pennsylvania—a company known in the Pittsburgh community for bringing their clients globally renowned window film technologies—took effect in October 2021 will usher in a new era for USFC.

Consolidating Expertise and Expanding Their Reach

Both families’ shared investment in the window film industry sparked an idea that later evolved into USFC acquiring Solar Gard Ohio/Pennsylvania.

Jacquelyn Trejo’s knowledge of the industry, and her skills, fit the post of general manager—a position that needed to be filled at USFC. Her qualifications alongside Tim’s industry experience of over 20 years made the prospect of an acquisition instrumental to the future of the company.

In 2019, right before the shock of COVID-19 took over the market, Jacquelyn joined the USFC team as a General Manager. The acquisition was complete when Tim Trejo also became a part of the USFC team in 2020.

Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, the team has managed to thrive through the challenges and look forward to achieving more robust, profitable, and higher goals in the future.

Becoming Innovators and Problem Solvers with Excellence

The issues that arose during the pandemic will continue to affect the business community over the upcoming year and beyond.

More and more people will shift to working from home and online schooling, and the way that buildings and properties are used as spaces to live and work will change.

The increased number of people seeking refuge indoors, will lead to much higher demand for sophisticated homes shielded from heat, offices that balance open spaces with UV protection, and ergonomic home offices—a series of challenges that culminate in building the ideal indoor environment that can be facilitated with the right window film installation.

In this climate, the acquisition of a local window film provider alongside USFC’s leading installation services ensures the resources and skills that a business requires to navigate the new normal are readily available.

True to their promise, USFC continues to serve their clients with their trademark exceptional service. It’s clear that the recent acquisition has only reinforced a standard of excellence that each individual company had fostered over their years of operation.

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