Most business founders envision passing their company on to the next generation, planning from a very early stage for a son, daughter or other relative to take over when they retire.

But even though that wasn’t Glenn Yocca’s approach when he founded U.S. Film Crew in 1993, he’s clearly building a family business.

“I didn’t start the company to be within the family,” he said. “However, we look at everyone who works with us as family. That’s the culture we hope to achieve, so whether it’s a blood relative or it’s a teammate, we really have that type of care for one another.”

His approach has become self-fulfilling in recent years, with three of his family members joining the company, which employs 10.

Four years ago, Yocca decided to place a greater emphasis on local sales efforts, and brought in his brother, Mark Yocca, to handle the effort.

Two years ago, his daughter Weatherly Yocca was looking for a new job opportunity and joined the company in customer service. She has since expanded her role to also include sales. And during the summers while she is at college, Yocca’s daughter Madison Yocca has started working on marketing, customer service and special projects.

But even with the growing number of family members, Yocca doesn’t push other family members to join the team.

“I try not to hold an expectation so they don’t feel an obligation,” he said. “I just focus on building a great company. I’m thankful for the family members who are here and are contributing. They do an outstanding job, and I couldn’t be happier.”

U.S. Film Crew provides window tinting for several types of applications. Yocca transitioned into the window film business 25 years ago after working for a few years as an automotive window technician.

Yocca explained that window tinting is applied for a variety of reasons, from controlling climate to security. U.S. Film Crew worked on the windows of the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Va., and those of the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

Since he started, the company has applied more than 20 million square feet of film.

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