Office Window Tinting: Is it Worth the Investment?

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Window tinting is a fairly standard feature in most workplaces and has been for some time now.

What’s different, today, is the quality and utility of these indoor solutions and how much they transform your working space. For office managers, ensuring the comfort, safety and privacy of employees are some of their biggest concerns. While cutting-edge security technology and sophisticated heating and cooling systems can meet some of these needs, enhancing their capabilities is essential to making the most of your investments. Office window tinting is one of the best ways to do so.

What are the benefits of commercial window film?

One of the main advantages of window film is that it can reduce the heat and light inside. While it allows natural light to filter in, it also blocks harmful UV radiation and reduces the internal temperature, making your workplace cool, comfortable, and significantly safer. Using window film for tinting may seem like a very simple addition to a commercial building but it comes with a plethora of other benefits.

Office Decorative Film Installation

Long-lasting furniture

Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause furniture like carpets, sofas, and other upholstery to fade and wear out very quickly. Office window tinting protects your furniture from sun damage, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Insperity Decorative Window Film Installation

Lower utility bills

During the summer, HVACs in commercial buildings work almost non-stop, leading to high electricity bills and maintenance costs. With window tinting, reduce the strain on your systems and keep your office nice and cool during the hottest days.

Penns Manor Security Window Film Installation

Enhanced security

Tinting your glass adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring its resilience against storms and other forces. Glass that is reinforced in this way is less likely to shatter, keeping your teams safe and deterring would-be thieves or vandals from breaking into your property.

Wesley W. Posvar Hall Decorative Film Installation

Pleasant interior aesthetics

Aesthetics are important for a commercial building. Many commercial buildings today have glass exteriors, so tinting windows can lend you a more professional exterior. On the inside, it can be customized to match your interior decor, ensuring you maintain a pleasant space.

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Work with an accredited window film partner

At U.S. Film Crew, we’re one of the most trusted national window film installers in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area. With over two decades of experience in our craft, we don’t just guarantee a perfect job but also give you access to globally recognized window film suppliers.

If your office building needs window tinting, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call and we’ll help you customize a solution that meets your requirements.


Types of Commercial Window Film


Frequently Asked Questions

How much light does window film let in?

This depends on the film you choose for your building. Window film has opacity and thickness percentages that indicate how much light is let in—the lower the percentage, the less light the film allows inside.

Can damaged window film be fixed?

While it may continue providing you with the protection you require, damaged window film may not be salvageable and may need to be replaced.

Will window film discolor over time?

No. High-quality window film is designed to withstand the effects of UV rays and will not lose its color.


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“From the buyout process to field installation US Film Crew is on top it! They work seamlessly from estimating to installation, and are there every step of the way to help share their expertise in window film. The field crew are some of the best and do whatever they can to help the process go as smooth as possible.”

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Mike Ferrara, Eastman

“U.S. Film Crew is exactly what we look for in a dealer/installation partner. Their quality of work is second to none, they stand behind everything they do, and they are loyal to the brand and represent it exceptionally. U.S. Film Crew is a family business, and they go out of their way to make everyone feel like part of their family!”

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Jon Nickless, Solar Gard

“I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with the team at U.S. Film Crew for close to 20 years. Over this timespan, they have always been very helpful and willing to partner with my dealers on the ordinary and the extraordinary projects, and they make every project, both large or small, their highest priority.”


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