Heat-Reducing Window Film for Temperature Control

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Does window film help reduce heat?

During the hot summer months, keeping the harsh summer heat at bay would probably mean turning up your HVAC on full power. The HVAC does a great job of keeping things cool but it comes at a price—electricity bills. Electricity bills can soar during the summer and take a bite out of your wallet, plus, frequent use of the HVAC could mean more maintenance. Fortunately, with solar window film, you can keep your interiors cool without relying too much on your HVAC. This heat-reducing window film is designed to block out up to 80% of the sun’s heat as well as keep out harmful UV rays, and still let in plenty of natural light.

Heat-Reducing Window Film

How do you fix temperature imbalances indoors?

In most cases, the temperature in your home or office may not be the same in every room; this is due to the time of day and the angle at which sunshine enters. Varying room temperatures like this will make your HVAC work overtime to keep the indoor climate balanced.

With the help of heat-reducing window film, you can cover up windows in rooms that are more likely to heat up during the day and keep your indoor temperatures fairly consistent. Now you won’t stress your HVAC and will still be able to keep your indoors cool using as little electricity as possible.

Heat-Reducing Window Film

Is there clear window film that can block heat?

While window film has a certain degree of tint to them to help keep out the sun’s heat, a nearly invisible film called spectrally-selective solar window film is available.

This type of window film offers excellent heat-reducing capabilities while being completely transparent.

This window film is perfect for commercial buildings that have large windows displaying their products. With this film, businesses can give their customers a clear view of the store and its products, while still keeping out the sun’s heat.

Heat-Reducing Window Film

Which window film is the best for blocking heat?

There isn’t a single type that is the best window film for reducing heat—there are several:

  • Ceramic window film
  • Neutral solar window film
  • Reflective window film
  • Dual reflective window film
Cardello Building Window Film Installation

What can professional window film installers do for me?

Since 1993, U.S. Film Crew has specialized in installing the best window film available on the market.

If you are worried about the temperatures in your home or office, our team of professionals knows exactly how to help keep your indoor climate favorable by using window film.

If the indoor heat is making you uncomfortable, give our team a call and we’ll get on the job.


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“U.S. Film Crew is exactly what we look for in a dealer/installation partner. Their quality of work is second to none, they stand behind everything they do, and they are loyal to the brand and represent it exceptionally. U.S. Film Crew is a family business, and they go out of their way to make everyone feel like part of their family!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the window film by myself?

Yes, you can. There are DIY window film kits available if you want to attempt this yourself but installing window film requires a lot of precision and if you don’t apply them properly, they won’t be as effective. It’s best if you have the pros handle the installation for you.

Does window film make your windows stronger?

While there is special window film designed to make your windows stronger, window film, in general, can reinforce your windows and make them shatterproof.

How long does the window film last?

Generally, heat-reducing window film can last up to 20 years or more, depending on the way it was installed and how well it was maintained.


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