Eliminate Glare With Glare Control Window Film

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Window film is a simple and cost-effective alternative for solving common problems in homes and offices.

High indoor temperatures and privacy issues are problems every building faces but window film can be used to help control heat inside buildings and obscure windows to improve privacy. Another common problem window film can help mitigate is glare—the intense reflection of sunlight on a reflective surface. Glare is usually seen as an annoyance; light from glare shining into the eyes can cause distractions and discomfort. Glare usually occurs during cloudless days when the sun is low and close to the horizon, shortly after sunset or sunrise. It can happen on windows, TV screens and shiny metallic surfaces.

Trap Heat with Tinted Windows

Complications caused by glare

In a workplace, glare can make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, negatively affecting eyesight and even productivity. Aside from causing disturbances, glare can also cause medical issues. Constant exposure to glare can cause eye strain and headaches. Older people are more sensitive to the effects of glare in their eyes.

Glare can also cause accidents; an estimated 16% of car accidents happen due to glare. Accidents caused by glare aren’t exclusive to vehicles; glare can obscure the vision of people indoors and this could lead to some minor indoor accidents like falls and walking into obstacles. Fortunately, glare can be prevented using anti-glare window film.

How Window Films Reduce Glare

How window films reduce glare

Anti-glare window film is made of hundreds of ultra-thin layers of film. These layers control the light that passes through them based on the wavelengths.

This window film lets in as much natural light as possible, reducing the amount of light being reflected and reducing glare.

High-quality glare control window film is designed to work optimally when the sunlight is very intense and glare is at its worst.

Anti-Glare Window Film

Other uses of glare control window film

Apart from helping reduce glare, window film can also:

Reflect UV light: UV light is harmful and is known to cause skin cancer. Window film blocks out over 90% of UV light.

Reduce heat: They can maintain a cool indoor temperature, reducing your HVAC use and reducing electricity bills.

Reinforce windows: Anti-glare film is durable and when applied, they make windows more resistant to physical damage.


U.S. Film Crew: The Best Anti-Glare Window Film Installers in Pittsburgh

Residential Film Installation

Window film can be installed using a DIY kit but this job requires precision; unless you have any experience installing them yourself, you might not get the result you want.

Our team of professional window film installers is experienced in identifying which parts of your home or office are most vulnerable to glare and applying the anti-glare film to the appropriate windows.

If glare is causing trouble in your home or workplace, get in touch with our team today.


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