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If there’s one thing that sets us apart, it’s our expertise.

At U.S. Film Crew Subcontracting, we operate firmly on the following principle: window film is only as good as its installation. That’s why our team employs only the most capable and meticulous commercial window film installers in the nation.

An Experienced Team

Our wealth of expertise and thirty years of experience has made us the Industry’s foremost provider of window film installation services. U.S. Film Crew’s subcontracting operations span beyond Pittsburgh to New York City, Chicago, DC, and more. We expand our reach by expanding yours.

With our experienced team of experts, we’ve had the privilege of providing professional-grade window film service for government organizations, billion-dollar corporations, and high-profile clients.

Here are just a few of our satisfied clients:

Commercial Window Film Installers

At U.S. Film Crew, our mission is to be your go-to solution for all of your window film needs. No matter the challenge, our team is ready for the job. Get in touch today to see your windows in a whole new light.

U.S. Film Crew is the most experienced team of commercial window film installers throughout Pittsburgh and across the Mid-Atlantic United States.

Subcontractor Services

When you’re looking for a crew of commercial window film installers to outfit a set of windows or manage a job, U.S. Film Crew offers professional subcontracting services to ensure your window installation operations go smoothly every time.

US Film Crew

Project Management

Already have a crew for the job? Then hire the right team to manage the project. Even the highest quality window film can only be as effective as its installation allows.

That’s why U.S. Film Crew offers project management services to ensure your installation is executed with expert precision. You can always trust the undisputed specialists in commercial window film installation. Pittsburgh and across the Mid-Atlantic United States.

US Film Crew

Full-Service Installation

Need the extra edge to install your window film with world-class precision and attention to detail? The country’s most capable crew of commercial window film installers is at your disposal when you hire U.S. Film Crew for our installation subcontracting services. Our team will manage and execute your project with the same high quality we always provide.


Glenn Yocca

Owner, Founder, CEO

For decades, our founder and CEO, Glenn Yocca, has been
a trusted name in the window film industry and a primary source of high-quality service nationwide. His commitment to unwavering professionalism has brought U.S. Film Crew to the forefront of the industry.

“It’s in the strategy and it’s in the details. A lot of companies install window film, but only one combines national expertise, problem-solving project management, and seamless efficiency which exceeds your expectations.”

– U.S. Film Crew


Reach out to the U.S. Film Crew team today to learn more about Subcontracting.

Call us at 412-226-4004, email [email protected] or complete our online form.

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