Looking for ways to brand your office space and add privacy without breaking the bank? If so, then you should consider decorative glass film!

Decorative glass films are a versatile, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing solution that can address both of these issues effectively. Crafted from a polyester-based material that mimics customized glass, decorative film comes available in a variety of styles, finishes, opacities, and colors.

These films are a great way to add an extra level of privacy while showcasing your company’s brand. Not only do they block harmful UV rays and enhance the aesthetics of your building, but also provide privacy in conference rooms, offices, cubicles, and bathrooms.

Below are some examples of how decorative glass film can help set the tone of your work environment while maximizing your privacy and branding needs.

Maximize Your Branding & Advertising

Believe it or not, the windows in your office space are the perfect canvas for branding and advertising. There are numerous ways that window film can add beauty and sophistication to your storefront and/or office space. For example, you can add your company logo or elements of your brand identity on the outside of your storefront to help attract outsiders to your location. Decorative film not only presents an elegant, upscale appearance, but it’s much more affordable and versatile than blinds or curtains when it comes to your branding needs.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Commercial window tinting can be used in a dynamic way to exhibit your professionalism. With decorative commercial window film, you can add slogans, text, or inspiring messages on the windows and doors of your office space. Whether it’s custom signage, a unique design, or intricate lettering, decorative film can be digitally cut to achieve specific styles, patterns, and specifications to reflect anything you desire.

Create an Ambient Workplace

With decorative glass film, you can easily communicate your brand and philosophy of your company to the fullest. Decorative film can make your work environment visually appealing, inspire your employees, and leave solid first impressions on your customers and clients. There is no doubt that these films will create an open, welcoming ambiance for everyone who walks through your doors. Not only do these films brighten up the workplace, they will prevent employees from getting distracted or feeling like they are in a fishbowl.

Maintain Transparency

Privacy is an important element for commercial establishments. Whether you are looking for transparency for day-to-day operations or privacy for more confidential matters, then you should consider commercial window film. Decorative glass film can easily be applied to the inside of your glass windows to help block harsh glare while still letting natural light in. And while doing that, it also enables clear views from inside and reduces visibility from the outside. With a wide variety of solutions available, decorative window films can be tailored in textures, patterns, and tints to create any level of privacy that you require in your office space.

Achieve the Privacy You’re Looking For

Need an extra level of confidentiality for your company’s conference room, but don’t want your employees to think you’re working on top secret matters? No problem, there are specialty window films for just that. Casper cloaking technology, smart window film, and matte window films are all great solutions with specific purposes. All do a fantastic job at adding a little extra pizzazz to the office interior while providing the right amount of privacy from hallways during important meetings.


The benefits of window film extends far beyond privacy and branding. They can also help regulate inside temperatures, reduce utility bills, preserve furnishings, prevent break-ins, and safeguard you and your employees from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking to install decorative glass film in your next commercial project, then you should get in touch with U.S. Film Crew, Pittsburgh’s most trusted window film company. With over 28 years of window film installation experience, we have the expertise to tackle any window film project, no matter the size.

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