Protect Your Screens From Cyber Theft Using Casper Cloaking Film

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With technological advances and the increased use of digital devices at workplaces, cyber security is becoming a concern for almost all companies.

By 2020, cyber crimes have become one of the top crimes that worry Americans. This is why you need to be smarter about commercial building design―especially when glass is used as walls and partitions, and the contents on your digital devices are exposed to anyone who passes by. Casper cloaking film is one of the best design solutions for keeping your important information confidential. When installed on glass, they can mask the content on digital screens to outsiders making sure your vital information stays safe.

Casper Cloaking Technology

How can Casper cloaking technology protect your data?

Today, most office buildings are designed with glass. While this creates an open and collaborative work environment, it’s also difficult to keep your data private with glass walls.

Casper cloaking film is a type of specialty window film that can keep your office space private without the need for blinds and curtains. When applied to glass, they black out the digital screens to outsiders, and anyone who is looking into the room from outside will not be able to see the contents on the screens.

Another great thing about screen cloaking window film is that it will only mask the screens, leaving the rest of the glass clear; you can protect your data without blocking out the lights.

Casper Cloaking Technology

What are some of the other benefits of Casper cloaking technology?

Casper cloaking film also comes in different designs allowing you stylistic liberty when choosing the best film for your office.

With Casper cloaking technology you can:

  • Hide strategic company information
  • Prevent vital information from being shared
  • Protect employee privacy
  • Enjoy enhanced privacy without compromising the interior design
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We combine our film installation expertise with trusted film design partners like Casper to meet the design and security needs of our clients with the highest standards.

Get in touch with one of our experts and find out how screen cloaking technology can enhance your office space!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does screen cloaking window film work?

Casper cloaking technology blocks out content on digital screens to outsiders by making the display light on screens invisible. When it is applied to the glass, anyone looking into a digital screen inside a glass room will only see blacked-out boxes instead of the content on your screens.

Where can I use Casper cloaking window film?

Cloaking film is best suited for commercial buildings where there is vital information being shared. You can use this film on any glass space where you have digital screens popped up like an office room with glass partitions or a conference hall with glass walls.

It is especially useful when you want to balance between open, transparent spaces and enhanced information security.

What devices does Casper cloaking film work with?

Casper films can protect the content on digital devices. They are most effective with LED and LCD screens.

How long does Casper cloaking window film last?

When installed correctly, most commercial window film types last between 6 to 15 years.

To enjoy the best effects, make sure to get the help of professional window film installers and follow the right window film maintenance practices.

How much does screen cloaking window film cost?

On average, a Casper cloaking film costs $160 per linear foot. The cost of window film installation in your office will depend on factors like the design you choose and the number of square feet covered.


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