Keep Harmful UV Rays Out with Solar Window Film

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Sunlight is more complex than most people assume.

while we take it for granted, it comprises three crucial components: visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet rays. Of the three, ultraviolet radiation stands out as being relatively harmful to our well-being. Known for causing medical conditions such as skin cancer, UV rays are something you’ll want to minimize in your home.

Block Out UV Rays with Solar Window Film

Why solar window film?

UV rays can also damage your furniture. By breaking down the chemical bonds on the surface of the furniture, unfiltered rays can cause your furniture to fade over time.

The problem is that most windows aren’t powerful enough to block these rays and around 50% of UV rays can pass through them easily. Trying to block out the sunlight entirely, however, can make your home dark and cold during the chilly winter season.

The best way to ensure you enjoy natural light without allowing UV rays to penetrate through is to have solar window film installed in your home.

Block Out UV Rays with Solar Window Film

How does solar window film work?

Solar film is usually made with polyester film or similar material depending on the manufacturer; the film works as a reflective surface that bounces UV rays back.

Today, solar window film is capable of blocking nearly 99% of the UV rays from sunlight. Certain types of film are even capable of absorbing UV rays instead of blocking them.

The film can reduce heat build-up and make your home cooler and more comfortable. It can also reduce hotspots and keep the temperatures throughout your home consistent.

Block Out UV Rays with Solar Window Film

What are the other benefits of this film?

Solar film does more than just block out UV rays. It can also:

Strengthen glass

When applied to windows, glass walls or glass doors, the film can prevent them from breaking easily. This makes glass partitions safer and can deter thieves from breaking in.

Reduce glare

The glare can damage your eyes and cause distractions that may lead to accidents at home. It can also disrupt screen time on your favorite devices! Window film reduces it.

U.S. Steel Tower Window Film Installation

Keep your home UV-free with a nationally recognized window film installer

At U.S. Film Crew, we’ve been a trusted window film installer for over three decades.

Today, we offer some of the best window film available, supplied by industry-leading window film manufacturers. Our window film installation and maintenance services are also second to none.

If you’re worried about UV rays getting into your home, get in touch with us to discover a world-class solution to the problem!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar window film permanent?

No, it’s not. Please note that while you can remove it anytime you want, you won’t be able to use it after removal.

Can you apply window film in layers?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Applying window film in layers won’t enhance the film’s performance and it could affect the appearance of the glass. Layering may also void your warranty.

How can you clean solar film?

Clean the film using a soft cloth or a sponge. Avoid using brushes and cleaning products that contain ammonia.


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