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FormulaOne Auto Tint

Who makes FormulaOne Auto Tint?

FormulaOne Automotive Window Tint is manufactured by Llumar by Eastman.


Where do I purchase FormulaOne Auto Tint?

FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint is exclusively purchased and installed at regional FormulaOne Dealer locations throughout the country. U.S. Film Crew is Pittsburgh’s Exclusie FormulaOne Dealer.


How long will FormulaOne window film last?

With proper installation by a trained FormulaOne dealer, your window film will last for a lifetime! Each FormulaOne film is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty to keep your vehicle covered for years to come.


How can I find local automotive window tint laws?

Each state has tint laws governing the darkness, reflectivity, and colors allowed on vehicles. In all cases, refer to your local authority for enforcement policies, current window tint laws, rules or regulations as the final authority to car window tint laws in your area. 


Does window tint have to be dark to work?

Window film does not have to be dark to be effective. Specifically for this purpose, FormulaOne films provides several different shades of tint with high performance heat rejection to meet the customers needs.


Can I Roll Down My Windows After The Window Tint Has Been Installed?

Do not roll down windows for three to five days after installation. To be sure, make sure your car gets lots of sunshine, which helps speed up the process. 


How Do I Clean My Tinted Windows?

Clean FormulaOne film with a soft, clean, paper towel or cloth and common household-strength liquid glass cleaners. With this in mind, it is important to never use brushes or cleaners containing abrasives or ammonia.

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