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Casper Cloaking Window Film

Casper Cloaking Window Film is the latest in window film technology. When applied to glass, it blocks outsiders from viewing information displayed on computer monitors and TV screens. With Casper Cloaking, individuals are able to work on classified information without worrying about closing off their space.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

U.S. Film Crew’s anti-graffiti film is now the front running solution to decreasing and eliminating damage caused by graffiti vandalism.

Vandalism has become a growing issue world-wide. The replacement of graffitied surfaces can be costly and time consuming. With this is mind, U.S. Film Crew’s anti-graffiti films becomes the perfect solution. Due to the ease in it’s replacement, and U.S. Film Crew’s easy application, it never becomes a hassle. Using Anti-Graffiti Film will  prevent against permanent damage left behind by mechanical etching tools, acid and spray paint.

One-Way Window Film

Create exclusive privacy with One-Way Window Film. With this specialty window film, you are able to see out of windows without allowing others to see in. Because of One-Way Window Film’s specially designed technology, you can add a unique layer of security and privacy to your home or office.

Bird Safety Film

U.S. Film Crew is now offering specialty bird safety film! By using unique window film patterns, you are able to add to the aesthetic of your building while protecting birds from mistaking windows as entry points.


Recommended Application Locations:

  • Schools & Universities

  • Commercial Locations

  • Storefronts

  • Hotels

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Residential Locations



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