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When you talk, we listen. At U.S. Film Crew, we believe that when the client’s needs come first. Our client reviews are an important part of how we evolve as a company. At U.S. Film Crew it is our aim to serve. Through every step of the way, we tailor our processes to each individual customer to achieve optimal comfort and peace of mind. Our team puts extra thought into the feedback that is received, and integrates what brings the best results into our steps moving forward. To learn about other’s experiences with U.S. Film Crew, check out our U.S. Film Crew Reviews below!

Residential Tinting Reviews

5 Stars (2016)

The temperature change in the house is phenomenal.  Even on the hottest days the air-condition (the largest residential size you can buy) which use to struggle to keep the upstairs cool (heat raises) is hardly running.  I was told I needed to buy a 2nd air-conditioning system for the upstairs.  That clearly won’t be necessary now.   My summer cooling electrical bill in this 4800 sq ft house was $5-700 per month (air-condition running night and day).  If it drops to the $100- 200 per month range which I suspect, this will pay for the film in 5-7 years.  I can only guess what it will do to improve insulation in the cold and curb radiant loss of heat.  I am truly grateful.
William S., MD


Mr. Yocca,
Magically, the window treatment adds warmth in the winters and cooling in the summers.  Truly has been an excellent investment.  We have added a 18 X 20 sunroom to our house.  I would like for you to come to our house and give an estimate for similar treatment of the sunroom windows and get a spot on your summer schedule to get the work done.

William S., MD

Dr. William S.
Steve H
I had U.S. Film Crew install security film/ tint on my home.
I am very happy with quality of their product and the professionalism of the installer. He was very knowledgeable and curtious.
I would definitely recommended U.S Film Crew to others.
– Steve in Plum
Steve H

Automotive Tinting Reviews

Local Guide · 10 reviews · 41 photos
Excellent customer service. Weatherly was very helpful and the entire staff was very professional. The tint job is fantastic and i would definitely recommend all of my friends go here for tint work (automobile, residential, and commercial)
Response from the owner

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how your experience here at U.S. Film Crew was! We couldn’t be more appreciative. Enjoy your fresh new tint 🙂

Jerome Jenkins
I got the windows on my car tinted last week and it looks great! Everyone at US Film Crew did a fantastic job. All my questions were answered and the installation was perfect. The facility was very well maintained and clean. I would highly recommend US Film Crew for any window tinting job.
Response from the owner

Thanks Mike! We really enjoyed completing the tint and are grateful for your kind words 🙂

Mike H.

I had my car tinted here, and had great experience from beginning to end. The owner, Glenn, patiently answered all my questions prior to setting up an appointment. Upon arrival, the staff was just as professional. Both Anthony (front office) and Paul (technician) helped me to make the right decision with no pressure. Anthony made sure I was taken care of in their plush waiting area, and Paul’s expertise showed in the final result. Prices were competitive and I would recommend this team to anyone looking for auto tinting. I’ll be back for future tinting or wrapping needs.

Tony C.