About U.S. Film Crew

U.S. Film Crew is your Trusted Window Film Dealer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We proudly serve Commercial and Residential divisions, specializing in the installation of Decorative, Solar, Security, and Specialty window films. Our company is backed by over 25 years of window film installation experience, giving us the skill and knowledge to meet any window film need.  With U.S. Film Crew, we believe that when the client’s needs come first, satisfaction never comes in last. 

Our Story

U.S. Film Crew is a grassroots window film company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1992, our owner and founder Glenn Yocca opened doors for business as an automotive tint and detailing company, Yocca Brother’s Spit Shine. Glenn got his start in the window film industry as a self-taught installer and driven businessman. Yocca Brother’s quickly transformed into a company focused enitrely on window film, Sun Solutions Inc.

Sun Solutions Inc. was one of our company’s first steps into commercial and residential window film. Glenn would travel the Pittsburgh area installing window film to vehicles, homes, and commercial locations. After spending some time getting to know the business, and most importantly window film, Glenn’s hard work brought him to a point where preparation met opportunity, and the company became U.S. Film Crew.

From our company’s early days, we have been focused on serving and providing to the needs of our customers. We took this same mentality and applied it to the window film industry. Rather than jumping into the industry as a competitor, U.S. Film Crew stepped out as a subcontracting team. Our company quickly became a known and trusted subcontracting crew, traveling from coast to coast installing solar, security, decorative, and specialty window films. As a subcontracting company, we have worked on projects ranging from the Empire State Building in New York City to EA Sports Headquarters in California.

After gaining experience nationally, U.S. Film Crew has come full circle back to where it all started. Today, we are company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, directly providing window film installation services to commercial locations and residential homes. With over 25 years of national window film experience, we are proud to be one of the nations top window film dealers. From our early days to now, it is our company’s top priority to serve our customers with top quality and professionalism.